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Could a 5-way tie for 1st place be on the horizon in the Big 12?

I was told there would be no math...

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Could a 5-way tie for 1st place be on the horizon in the Big 12?

That would be a complete mess as far as seeding the tournament. With respect to how a tiebreaker would work, the conference website has this link which includes tiebreaker scenarios involving 2 teams and then 3 or more.

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Tom Keegan: Nicholls coach Tim Rebowe shares blueprint for flipping losing program

I think really only Matt Campbell is applicable to our situation...

Snyder's initial reboot at K-State was during a time when there wasn't anywhere near the money or attention invested in football, especially at a place like K-State that was debating cutting the program and considered a strong basketball school. He was afforded the time to build a program the way he wanted to and was extremely successful. If he walked into that same situation now, there would be calls like at KU to fire him after a few rough seasons because the stakes are so much greater with tv revenue and realignment dominating the thoughts of athletic departments.

Patterson took over at TCU when they were in the WAC, moved to CUSA, and then onto the Mountain West before joining the Big 12. That grants you the ability to again build a program against weaker conference opponents typically and build a system that makes you successful.

Briles built Baylor up, but should we really aspire to emulate a program like them? Yes they won, and won a lot, but at what cost to the university. There was a lot of pearl clutching when we were linked to the adidas mess, I can't imagine the outrage if something like the sexual assault cover-up was discovered here.

Back to Campbell... he took a middle of the road program and worked hard to build a team, but make no mistake inherited a veteran bunch that plays smart and tough. If our best case scenario occurred this year, it would look like ISU last year with an experienced team that won games they previously hadn't by being smarter and tougher than the other team. If they can sustain it without the seniors they had last year, then we'll know if Campbell can coach or was merely in the right spot at the right time. My hope is that our upperclassmen, both those who have toughed it out the last several years and those who have transferred in can get over the hump and experience some success this year for us to build on and continue in the following year. Either way, I look forward to being in the stands on Saturday. RCJH!

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New KU deal with ESPN+ means Jayhawk TV Network will be available nationwide without blackouts

This is in addition to ESPN3 and is a $4.99/month online "channel/service" from ESPN that isn't part of any cable package. It includes all out of market MLS games and a lot of smaller sports events, and ESPN original content like the 30 for 30s (including some that are limited to ESPN+). I bought it mainly for soccer, but watched the KU volleyball preseason match on Saturday which was a nice perk. Worth it if you watch a lot of sports and especially if you like soccer, but probably not the solution people were looking for/hoping for.

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Tom Keegan: Will the real Daylon Charlot stand up this season?

I think you have to play to your strengths as an offensive unit and pick the starters accordingly, especially when considering a position like QB. There's no sense in sending someone out there to likely fail if you know that the line can't block long enough for plays to develop and said QB isn't mobile enough to buy time.

This isn't intended to be a knock on Bender, but just an acknowledgement that he is not billed as being as mobile as Stanley or Kendrick, both of which are touted as being able to get away from the rush and extend plays long enough to let receivers get to their spots. Hopefully, the line has improved enough through the combination of a new coach, incoming experienced transfers, and the current players becoming seasoned from the last couple of years so that whoever we put back there has enough time to make smart decisions with the football.

Time will tell, but I'm looking forward to the season and hopeful that we can get off to a hot start to build some momentum. RCJH

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Yahoo report ties Josh Jackson's mother to FBI investigation into college basketball

Exactly. That is what gives me a measure of comfort given Self's track record of not being afraid to sit players when faced with eligibility issues.

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Yahoo report ties Josh Jackson's mother to FBI investigation into college basketball

Actually I think it has more to do with who knew that his mother got this loan. If the NCAA can prove a link exists where someone from the program was directing or coordinating Apples to allegedly get this loan, then that is where I think Self and Co have the most at stake because they knowingly would have played an ineligible athlete. This will be the burden on the NCAA in all of these cases discussed in the article. Otherwise, I don't know how you go about proving KU or any of these programs violated these rules.

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Yahoo report ties Josh Jackson's mother to FBI investigation into college basketball

David, this is incorrect... the Louisville punishment just finalized was for the aforementioned sex scandal. It had absolutely nothing to do with the report from this fall and the allegation it authorized or paid Bowen $100k to sign there. You might think there is a link because of the fallout with that case and the resulting firing of Pitino and the AD, but you're incorrect.

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5 stats that popped in KU’s loss at Oklahoma

Michael, this is incorrect. The defensive lapse that freed up that three was on Devonte not Svi. Self told them to switch the screens, Svi went with Young like he was supposed to, Devonte didn't follow the slip screen and left them wide open for the shot.

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Snyder: KU football situation not as bad as one he inherited at K-State

I think Snyder overlooked several factors in coming to his response that KState was a tougher rebuild compared to what we have/had at KU. Not to belittle his accomplishments during the first or second tenures, but he might be overselling a little when comparing the two.

First and foremost, the state of college football was totally different in 1989. There wasn't near the money involved in college sports and specifically football at that time, and therefore coaches didn't have the resulting pressure to win immediately. Yes, teams wanted to win, but coaching turnover wasn't as severe as we see today (the same could be said of Coach K at Duke and his early struggles). Additionally, there wasn't the concern about the threat of conference realignment and positioning yourself for the next round of movement. This again places more focus on winning immediately so your brand is worth retaining/poaching to another conference. Finally, there weren't the roster restrictions on teams that we have now. There were more players allowed in recruiting classes and teams were larger, which as a result prevented KState from ever facing a situation like ours where we had 25 seniors graduating, but could only fill 18 scholarships.

In addition to these factors, I think Snyder glosses over the fact that despite a few bright spots, we don't have a lot of historical success. We rarely went to bowls prior to the expansion despite being a strong team because either Nebraska or Oklahoma would win the conference and there was only one bowl bid per conference. Additionally, when we had the 8 teams in the conference we had 5 non-con games and 7 conference games. Scheduling wisely you can make a bowl game winning the non-con and picking off a conference foe. When we went to 12 teams, there was the unbalanced schedule where you rotated south opponents and played 4 non-con games, which again makes a bowl feasible if you win those and beat 2 conference foes. Now, with 3 non-con and 9 conference games without the benefit of avoiding certain teams (Texas OU) each year, it makes it that much harder to win 6 games and make a bowl if you're coming from where we are.

I don't have the answer on how we get back to making bowls consistently like we did under Mangino, but also recognize that the ability to do so is hindered based on the current landscape of the game.

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