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Carlton Bragg ready to announce college choice

Its simple, Playing Time affected by Logjam.

We know that Self plays 5 perimeter players - 4 getting major minutes and the 5th one on a game by game basis. At this time Oubre's stock is rising and he will most likely leave but I can't see Selden declaring for draft.

Then we will have Mason, Devonte, Selden, Svi already locked in for major minutes. If we sign Brown do you think he will be sitting on the bench. With recruiting world changing to OAD and TAD, I can't see Self sitting Brown for too long and he will be taking minutes away from Greene. As such I see him getting most impacted and a strong transfer candidate.

This is not new, we have seen it already, recently with White and Conner.

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Column: Devonté Graham managing to learn while sidelined

This kid reminds me of Aaron Miles.

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Carlton Bragg ready to announce college choice

I'd expect a few transfers as well, Greene, Lucas and Mickelson would be likely candidates

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Self discusses depth of Big 12, how often he has thought KU would win it (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

What will help if you can have a microphone for the folks answering the questions. This will solve the problem.

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Column: Kansas defense hardly feared

Well said.

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Cole Aldrich suddenly a factor for Knicks

Class act. Never got in trouble off the court. Excellent teammate. Always played the game in the right way. Married his girlfriend from KU.

I really miss his bullet fast outlet passes, cant think of any other KU big with better outlet passes than Cole, talk about starting a transition offense.

What I admire most is how he has given back to KU and the community since leaving for the league. The guy spends his entire summer in Lawrence, hosts a camp for the kids, plays with the Jayhawks in the summer while giving them valuable basketball knowledge.

One of my favorite Jayhawks.

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How former Jayhawks fared in NBA games of Dec. 30, 2014

Thanks for the article. Cole is a class act, one of my all time favorites.

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The Day After: Back on track vs. Kent State

I was not impressed by the Hawks against a mid major like Kent State at home especially considering the beating that they received 8 days ago. I was expecting a better and more energetic performance.

I was hoping that the team would have gotten better over the holidays but it did not show, and I am not sure that it can get better by this coming Sunday and we face better competition. To me Oubre and mason were the bright spots from the game although the competition was weak. If Oubre can produce a similar showing on Sunday than I'll be really impressed.

This team is extremely careless, too many TOs still. Cliff should be in the starting line up. I was also surprised to see Traylor and Lucas together in the game, not much front court scoring here.

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Flashes can't follow through on golden game plan

LoL, well said Ashwin

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Self seeking ‘energy’ source

You made the below statement

We are as inconsistent from the arc as anyone, what makes you think it is a good idea to focus our offensive efforts on that?

Have you seen the stats. KU is shooting 39.2% on 3 pointers, ranked 33rd in the nation. And do you know what is KUs shooting and ranking on the 2pt scoring.

This years team strength is outside shooting, look at the numbers, Mason at 55%, Graham at 50%, Oubre at 46%, Greene at 45%, Selden at 35%. Add Svi to the mix who Self himself has said that is a matter of time before he shoots the light out beyond the arc. Has there been any team under Self with so many good shooters?

On the flip side we are having a tough time scoring inside as evident by our horrific shooting %. Ellis can't score against L&As, we have seen him for 2 plus years, Cliff is a work in progress, and Traylor has reached his peak, cant count on him much. Plus we have seen what Lucas and Mickelson can do, certainly cant rely on them to produce 10-12 points/game. So how will we win with playing inside out?

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