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Jeff Withey bails out KU 'D,' takes top honor

Just some thoughts:

Ben MC. made the steal near the end of the game and drove in for a 'soft' dunk, not a pound it hard, thunder dunk. To me, that showed maturity. There have been a number of occasions in the past when a Jayhawk drove for an easy dunk only to blow it, because they tried to do an ESPN 'top ten' dunk. It was crunch time and two points meant more than an aerial display. Good job, Ben.

And, on their final possession (5 seconds left), a Temple player (forget who?) was driving toward their basket for a possible score/layup. However, Jeff was between him and the basket. Instead of even attempting a shot, the Owl just dribbled out of bounds for a turnover. Withey would have had an easy block, so Temple all but took away what would have been Withey's 10th block. Of course, as usual, there were other sure blocks that a teammate's foul prevented adding one or two more to Jeff's total. I wonder if Self's staff keeps track of how many altered shots Jeff has which aren't blocks. I almost fell over laughing when an Owl was driving the baseline, but seemed to see Jeff 5 feet in front (Gulp!), and he did a quick turnaround/backout. Great game, Jeff.

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Opinion: Can KU keep on streakin’?

According to Andy Katz on his "3 Point Shot" blog, on - their NCAA BB page, the NBA scouts aren't too high on the prospects available for the upcoming draft. However, he says "the flavors of the month" are Anthony Bennett (UNLV), and Ben McLemore. Which doesn't bode too favorable for Ben returning next season, not that it's seemed much in doubt after what he's accomplished so far this season.

And if there aren't a lot of prospects who are considered high, that could help KU's seniors on NBA draft day.

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Opinion: Confident Naadir Tharpe no longer questioning his ability

Oops, forgot Traylor and Lucas. My foot in my mouth. My apologies to both.

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Opinion: Confident Naadir Tharpe no longer questioning his ability

Nice you brought up the Brewster angle. When he played there Tharpe was noted for his ball handling, and for the team's overall record during his time playing. (Can't remember, but I think he only had 1 or 2 losses overall.) And it was specifically pointed out that his best asset was finding teammates for assists. Something he's now bringing to the table.

Is he a second coming of RussRob? Questionable his Frosh year, and now fitting into the mold Self has been hoping he'd fit into? Last season I put him on a razor's edge, saying he could easily fall, but hoped he could keep his balance. I've always liked Nadir's attitude, and remember his dance in the locker room after a Jayhawk win last season. May have been the Final Four win over OSU?

Looking ahead to next year, when Self will only have non-walkons - Ellis, Tharpe, Adams, AWIII, and Wesley back (and maybe BenMc.), Self is going to need good point guard skills to hold the reins and control what will be a very young team with plenty of potential - for scoring and for making mistakes. And perhaps, knowing Tharpe has an eye for assists, that will impress Randle in his final school selection.

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Opinion: Confident Naadir Tharpe no longer questioning his ability

I think that's the same dunk which made ESPN's top 10 Plays of the Day - #7. BTW, Withey's dunk down the middle of the lane was # 2 for the day.

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What do you think KU's record will be in its 18-game Big 12 schedule?

Toughest games will be: At Oklahoma State, and either at Baylor (last regular season game) or at K State. Yeah, I know KU, has owned The Octogloom, but K State does have (surprisingly) a good team this season. Baylor has some very good 3 point shooters, but their defense is doubtful. Texas, with Kobongo back, will be tough in their second matchup with the Jayhawks, but that game will be in AFH. At Iowa State is always difficult. Oklahoma State will finish 2nd to KU. They will be KU's toughest games this regular season.

If KU can split those away games - K State, Baylor, Iowa State and Oklahoma State, and run the table at home, they should end up at 16 & 2 and win their 9th straight conference title.

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Travis Releford edges out Naadir Tharpe for No. 1 spot

ESPN Top 10 Plays of the Day: Releford made #7 (after Withey's block and Young's outlet pass to a streaking Travis), and Withey made # 2, for his posterization of Wroblicky (as he's fed the ball coming down the middle of the lane). However, not a word that KU even won the game.

Note: ESPN had lot's of coverage of junk bowls and lower ranked BB games (UNC vs UNLV, and Syracuse game, Etc.). But with the exception of the two top ten highlights listed above, still waiting for any mention/coverage of #6 ranked KU's game vs American.

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Years in Japan shape KU forward Landen Lucas' outlook

University of Kansas Jayhawks - Ichiban!

Bill Self - Ichiban!

Landen Lucas - Ichiban!

Ichiban - Japanese for Number 1.

Merry Christmas - Don't know if it can be said, or if so, how to say it in Japanese. But in Hawaiian - Mele Kalikimaka!

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Wrapped up: Travis Releford's D on Ohio State's Deshaun Thomas keys road win

I also noticed that, about Kabongo getting to play just before Texas and KU meet. His first game back will be against Iowa State, which will help him get acclimated on-court. Then, Texas comes to KU a few days later. You may be right that ESPN put out a plea to the NCAA to allow him to play. The NCAA surely recognizes all the publicity they can get with that sort of set up. My question regarding the suspension requirements for Kabongo: How soon is he allowed to practice with their team? Is he already allowed, or must he wait till the suspension ends?

As for Randle, he's supposed to take his official visit to KU and attend that KU vs Texas game. Texas has been playing a lot better lately, and played MSU a tough game this weekend. A win over Texas wouldn't hurt in KU's recruitment of Randle. With KU playing Duke next season in the early season 'Classic' matchup, he might see that as an incentive - to get the opportunity to play against Parker.

With the Temple win against Syracuse, the January 6th game now becomes a headline game when Temple comes to AFH. KU's RPI rating is starting to look even better with their recent blowout wins over decent teams, and especially this OSU win. Colorado just won by over 30 points on Saturday, so they're proving they aren't pushovers. And American (KU's next opponent) lost by only 15 to a very good Georgetown team this weekend.

Mele Kalikimaka, (ie, Merry Christmas), everyone.

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KU dominating opponents in dunks

As always, very well done on the stats breakdowns, Jesse. One other thing not mentioned (directly, anyway), would be the number of dunks/layups made against KU while Withey was on the bench. With all the blowouts KU's starters have created, the KU's bench and walk-ons have benefitted with extended playing time, thus, giving the opposition more opportunities to score (and make layups/dunks) late in the game. Especially since those teams being overpowered have kept their starters in much longer than I felt was necessary. And on the final tally sheet, cutting the final margin down by 7 to 10 points. I mean, did Colorado even sub in at the very end?

Note: I usually watch other games/teams just to gauge how KU compares, but normally tune to other games, (or a movie) if those games are blowouts. So I don't really know how many other blown-out teams leave their starters in, instead of substituting in their benches. When Duke or Syracuse are winning by a huge margin, are their opponents leaving their starters in? Just seems like a good possibility of getting starters hurt (or to jack up their starters/teams stats) when a game is past the point of winning (ie. 20 or more down with a only a couple of minutes left.)

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