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ISU coach Fred Hoiberg impressed by Elijah Johnson, says late no-call 'didn't go our way'

Refereeing is judgmental at best, and is not an easy task to do. Be that as it may, ref's are paid to make the best calls to their best ability. This was one of those games which left a lot of unhappy fans, on both sides, frustrated. It also had one of the worst calls I've ever seen - when Young claimed the foul which Withey clearly committed, and one of the best calls, the "No Call" - when Niang clearly FLOPPED.

Normally, I think Fran F. calls a pretty good game, but he sure wasn't seeing the "Flop" the same way I saw it. I replayed it about 10 times, regular and in slow motion, and Niang is clearly starting to fall backwards before Johnson could have collided with him. Then, to follow it up, Niang sits there with his mouth agape, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. (What? Don't you believe me? I wouldn't do a thing like that.) Yeah, Right! Excellent "No call", ref.

I still think that at least one of Ejim's rebound/dunks (First ISU field goal if I remember correctly), was goaltending. The ball sure didn't have time to carom past the rim before he had his hands on it.

My congratulations to Coach Self for his 500th win; To the team which never gave up (This was like the two games KU won against Texas when Chalmers lit it up against Durant, except that ISU had 3 or 4 sharpshooters); And great game EJ. I've waited a long time for you to drive the lane (which helped to open up your 3 point shots!)

I'm putting all my eggs in one basket with this post. I've made numerous attempts to send posts lately, and this site seems not to like my computer. I haven't had much luck getting posted since the conference games started. Although, most of what I would have said has been posted by others. Great observations, guys and gals.

Three conference games left and counting. And with these overtime games, it should prepare KU for the Big 12 and the NCAA tournaments. RCJHKU!!!!

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Notebook: Traylor sprains thumb; Withey Big 12's top blocker

A win at OSU is vital. This coming Wednesday may show what this team has inside. Beat OSU, at OSU, and it could give KU a true sense of itsworth. If KU loses, it could work just the opposite, and the season could spiral down (Like the home loss to OSU, which put them in the funk that lost them the TCU game.), with no incentive (No 9th straight conference chamionship) to win at ISU, or even Baylor (which has been mostly inept this season despite their quality recruits.)

Unfortunately, Texas's "Dead head, no show" performance on Saturday didn't give the Jayhawks a good workout and could instill a confidence which the results of that game doesn't truly deserve. Yes, the Hawks played great defense, but it was against a vastly inferior team to what Barnes usually puts out. I predict the OSU game will be a dogfight. It's too bad the game wasn't played today. OSU had a dbl O/T game against OU and would have been tired, while KU had an fairly restful game against Texas.

RCJH, KU needs every Jayhawk to step up a notch this Wednesday!

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Notebook: Traylor sprains thumb; Withey Big 12's top blocker

With the season Texas is having, Barnes is just looking ahead for his own future. If Texas were to dump him in the near future. Two or 3 seasons like this 1 and Barnes might be out the door. Maybe he's thinking he can get hired like the rest of Self's assistant coaches. With his recruiting abilities, that could be a big plus.

Just joking (mostly, of course.). Don't take this too seriously. ;>?

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Opinion: KU makes it hard for recruit Julius Randle to say no

Loved the 360, when Ben did it, and when I watched the ESPN top Ten. When they hadn't shown him by the #5 in the countdown, I sort of knew he'd get the #1 spot. Except for the half-court heave which went in as #10 (I think it was #10, and don't remember who shot it), there really wasn't any competition for #1.

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Ostertag OK with Withey breaking his KU blocks record

Don't know if they were ligit footers but weren't Rick Suttle and Roger Brown listed about 7' tall? I think Dave Robisch was only 6' 10".

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Ostertag OK with Withey breaking his KU blocks record

Time to guess the final tally for 'blocked shots' which Withey will have after he plays his last college game. He has a guaranteed minimum of 13 games left (11 conference + 1 conference tournament game). Then, guessing conservatively, another 6 games (2 more in the conference tourney + 4 in the Big Dance = Elite Eight.) Up to a maximum of 20 games, if KU plays 3 conference tourney games and adds 6 more, if the Jayhawks make it to the NCAA Championship game.

If Withey continues to average 4+ per game that's a minimum of 52 additional blocks - Total of 303, or 80 additional blocks if KU makes it to the finals of the two tournaments (Total of 331 blocks). If I were superstious I'd guess 317. That number has popped up numerous times for me (Last 3 digits of a former girl friend's phone number, # of points I scored in BB during my Sr. year in high school, street # of house I lived in back in high school, # of girls I scored... (oops, forget that one. That one could still change!), License plate # of my most recent car. Seems like something important often happens to me on St. Patricks day (March 17),...Etc.

So how about a total 337 blocks for Withey? That's about what he'd have if he continues his season's average (4.3) for 20 more games.

Would also set a nice goal for future Jayhawks - Read JoJo Embiid. :>)

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Family man: KU’s Travis Releford relishes fatherhood

The human nature stories about Jayhawk players (such as the one which recently appeared about Traylor on ESPN) are always an interesting contrast to the on court/practice side of Jayhawk sports. If anything was mentioned previously that Travis had a son, I must have missed it. Thanks, Gary, for adding to our appreciation for a great Jayhawk and father.

And, congratulations to Travis for having the desire to 'be there' for your son, which, unfortunately, your father hasn't been able to. Would love to hear your name announced during the next NBA draft. Hmmm. Sixteen years from now the Jayhawk Nation might be cheering for another Travis Releford in AFH.

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Twisted ending: Ben McLemore suffers minor ankle injury in KU rout over Baylor

Mahalo, TRC. I've been rather busy over the holidays so I've been reading posts more than sending them in. Can't complain about the Jayhawks. Self has them playing his type of defense.

BTW. You're lucky. You missed all the rain (and some windy days) we've had over the last few weeks. :>)

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Twisted ending: Ben McLemore suffers minor ankle injury in KU rout over Baylor

Great game, for everyone. I think Self would have preferred beating them (read, Scott) by even more, but am sure he is delighted everytime he beats Baylor. This was a very methodical beatdown.

Hopeyour ankle injury is minor and that you're back to 100 % soon, Ben,

Check out the story on Jamari Traylor running on, their NCAA BB page. Great background imfo on his trials and tribulations, during his youthful, pre-KU days.

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Solitary swipe: Ben McLemore's late steal turns tide in 69-62 KU win

Just some thoughts, on which I went into slightly more depth under Jesse's 'Top Jayhawk' rankings for the Temple game.

While still trailing Temple, Ben MC. stole the ball and drove for a 'soft' dunk, instead of going for a ESPN top ten spectacular dunk. Showed maturity. The points were far more important than showboating at crunch time, which could have backfired if the dunk were flubbed.

And on Temple's final possession, Temple's player (forget who?) was driving for a score/layup, and Jeff was there, ready to block the shot. The Owl didn't even attempt a shot, but dribbled out of bounds and turned it over. In essense, it took away an almost certain block from Withey.

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