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Stock watch: Where does Devonte' Graham's NBA candidacy stand after his junior year?

I'm still waiting for the projected 1st round player that shocks us and comes back for another year.

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Numbers contradict Kansas reputation as tournament underachiever

Did you even look at the stats in the article or that Shannon put up above?

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Bitter end: Shots don't fall, Jayhawks dropped in Elite Eight against Oregon

Chicken and the egg. High school guards like Trae Young are scared off by the fact we have Malik Newman, and high school big men see we have Bragg and Az waiting to play. Besides Duke and Kentucky, most teams struggle to recruit players that will be guaranteed to sit the bench their 1st year.

Bottom line: we will hopefully have a good mix of top 50 recruits on our roster mixed with experience.

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Bitter end: Shots don't fall, Jayhawks dropped in Elite Eight against Oregon

Not that you'll read this at this point but here's where I got my information after more than 5 minutes of research. For instance, 247sports is a recruiting website that does player rankings based on a composite score of other recruiting websites. Hence, where 80 came from.

Obviously, you just went to rivals, that reclassifies rankings AFTER big schools find diamonds in the rough. I happen to follow recruiting year round and notice things like Mason was a 3* prospect, Kansas signs him, and then rivals does a redo on their rankings before the year ends so they don't look silly. Same with Graham. Same with Vick.

Surely, you have heard enough about how our top 2 guards were about to go to Appalachian State and Townson because no one else recruited them.

So I look at multiple recruiting websites when I do my research.

247 sports does composite rankings. (you can change it by year)

Also, I said starters. Vick and Bragg weren't starters most of the year. Vick's ranking was changed well after Kansas signed him, same with Svi, and he was a late sign. Jackson was the only one consistently ranked in top 80. Point is Self took a team of "non-elite" talent and turned them into a #1 seed and had everyone expecting a championship. Well done Self.

For you on the other hand, the fact you had to be such a jerk and so ignorantly wrong is a bad combination Marius.

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Bitter end: Shots don't fall, Jayhawks dropped in Elite Eight against Oregon

We also have 5 top 50 recruits that will be available to us next year in Newman, Az, Preston, Garrett, and Cunliffe. Hopefully that will mean a much deeper bench to work with.

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Bitter end: Shots don't fall, Jayhawks dropped in Elite Eight against Oregon

For all the flack Self is going to get about this game, he did a great job coaching a starting lineup that had 1 top 80 player from their respective recruiting classes. If Graham, Svi, and Bragg return and improve this will be another top 5 team. Winning the NCAA tournament requires a bit of luck being a single elimination tournament, and I'm grateful Self always brings a team that has a shot in March.

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Quack attacked: Oregon ends KU's season in Elite Eight

I've been thinking it all year it came true tonight: live by the three, die by the three. Shots didn't drop so we got bounced. With 5 minutes left we were 0-9 in 2nd half from 3. 33% and we would have been tied. Frank, Josh, and Devonte started forcing it a little though and you could tell they were tight. Bell taking away our inside game was the true MVP for Oregon. He hurt us bad.

Hindsight is 20/20 but I wonder if more could have been done to develop our inside guys throughout the season. Coach is a smart dude so I'm sure he'll go back to the drawing board on how to get his team ready for every game in the tourney. There's a reason Coach K has gotten better with age and I think that'll be the same for Self. Let's just hope Graham and Svi come back, because if they do we have another top 5 team on our hands after an off-season of development. Sad loss but proud of this team. Sad this will be the last time we ever see Mason in a Kansas uniform. He deserved better but March Madness is ruthless.

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TCU shocks Kansas in Big 12 quarterfinal

Good news for all Kansas fans.

Over the last 5 years only 1 national champion won their conference tournament, Louisville in 2013.

2016 Villanova, 2015 Duke, 2014 Connecticut, and 2012 Kentucky all lost in the conference tournament.

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What caught my eye at Day 8 of KU football's 2015 spring practices

I don't think Tait & company are doing any sort of propaganda, or ever have, to rouse support for the football team. I just think they come to practice and are observing things that impress them or concern them. What might impress them on the practice field, against their similar talent level teammates, might not necessarily translate against Big XII opponents. It shows how depth becomes important, not just for the games, but for how much each player can push each other in practice to get better.

But here's to hoping for a year that leaves us as fans feeling like the best is yet to come!

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Wayne Selden Jr. announces he'll return to KU

I would also like to announce that I will not enter the NBA draft this season.

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