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KU extends deal with adidas through 2019

Nike or Adidas present hundreds of options to athletic programs. KU's staff chooses the 'look' we receive. Blame or credit them for what Hawk uniforms look like.

I could care less if they come out in ragged old sweats. I just want 'em to play well. Which they almost always do!

This may be the best recruiting class since Dr. Allen convinced Wilt to come here!

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No time to lose: Transfer Tarik Black already working hard

Because anyone can shoot like Ray Allen, if they just "..go out and work every day at it..." Riiight.

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Former Jayhawk Mario Little grinding out pro basketball career

It's been a long time since I saw the word 'panopticon' used! I think I'm shaped more like George Kennedy...

I don't understand the 'frozen rope' analogy. Would you please explain?

I hope it's not anti-rope-racism :)

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This KU player should thrive against Michigan's defense, plus a Trey Burke quirk to watch out for

I agree that Refs appear to keep games w/in the time window needed, and call to keep games close [as opposed to within the spread], rarely allowing blowouts.

Keeping games close keeps viewers.

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Opinion: At this point, change is due

Jumping doesn't cause the same strains or pains as moving laterally. I've known many players who could still dunk, but their lateral movement was impaired from injuries.

Pain problems in a knee or ankle throw off passing, limit defense, and really wreck shooting.

I think EJ has serious joint issues.

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Opinion: Guard play concern for KU

Remember how fast and agile Sherron was when he was a freshman? Remember how rarely he showed his speed, and especially cutting ability as a senior?

Remember Elijah his first two years, was all over the place, w/ no knee braces?
Take a close look at how his knees are padded now.

When a guy's knees start to go, the lateral movement is first to go away. It's too painful.

Self gets his guys into great shape. Every season, however, it seems there's someone w/ a broken foot at the beginning of the season. At the end of many seasons, we learn how someone was actually hurt, but played thru the pain.

At IL, Self also had many players injured from practice, not games.

There's a price to be paid for such hard practices. Elijah looks like he's paying it now.

Just look at those poor knees.

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Bill Self, KU agree on contract through 2021-22 season

10% equity return rate? Those days are gone, gone, gone.

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Bill Self, KU agree on contract through 2021-22 season

Wooden made $35,000 per year, in his last years at UCLA. Using the US govt CPI calculator, that would be about $150,000 in 2012 dollars. Or using Shadow Stats more accurate inflation calculator, it would be about $550,000 in 2012 dollars.

Either one is more than a living wage, but imagine getting Wooden for a tenth the price of what a top coach goes for today. In fairness, coaches salaries hadn't really broken out then. Wooden was just at the tail end of the bargain era, where a coach who even then brought the university millions in revenue, and even more in publicity, was paid the same as any professor, but unlike a prof, didn't get tenure.

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Bill Self, KU agree on contract through 2021-22 season

I'm glad Self will stay.

Self's salary isn't paid by the university, per the article.
But what about his pension?

When he retires, will Kansas taxes pay 80% of his top wage, for life?
Also, won't he also get to stack the KS pension with one from Illinois?

I'm curious, because public pensions appear unsustainable in most states.

Self, unlike many, actually earns money for the system.
But what a pension(s)!

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Milton Doyle to play basketball at Kansas University

I always read your posts; they make good sense to me.
Thanks for writing them, HEM.

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