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Azubuike tops ratings with career night in victory at Nebraska

Garrett and Newman both have got to start finding a way to contribute. They both look lost. I cringe when they catch the ball on offense. And when Graham gets a breather and Newman is running the point I hurt. I think they have the talent but both need to find a way to get involved and checked in to the game, likely contributing on defense or in transition to get the ball rolling.

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Mykhailiuk reveals on Twitter he's coming back for junior season

While I tend to agree with you, I think there's a bit more in Diallo's case. Part of me thinks he is so raw, he won't get much out of another year at the college level. The truth is, the college game and NBA game are completely different. And since he doesn't really know the intricacies of the game yet, he may benefit from investing the year in the NBA system (his ultimate goal) as opposed to spending another year trying to understand the college game that won't translate to the NBA.

Svi is very different. He has very high basketball IQ. Able to jump from international play to college play here. He will benefit from understanding three different types of basketball play and developing into a complete player in each of the three leagues.

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Stayin' put: Freshman Bragg to return to KU

This would be the best option in my opinion. Let them each play 20 minutes at point and 10 minutes at SG. Svi takes 20 minutes at SG (including starting) and 10 minutes at SF. And Josh Jackson plays the other 30 (including starting) at the 3. Give all four guys 30 minutes per game average with some sway/pull on single game performance. And Vick...I'd love to see him get some more playing time but I'm not sure where he gets it unless they play a lot of small ball 4 guard lineups.

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Stayin' put: Freshman Bragg to return to KU

Because the NBA pays him to develop.

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Stayin' put: Freshman Bragg to return to KU

Maybe Self can work with him on the tie tying though.

Ecstatic to have you back, Bragg, and looking forward to seeing you fulfill your potential.

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Brannen Greene latest Jayhawk to turn pro

Greene is a great player that did not mesh well with the KU system. I thought he would transfer but as a junior you can't really do that because of the lost year of eligibility. That leaves "going pro." That term "going pro" is used intentionally. He will not be going to the NBA, but he will be getting paid minimum wage in the D-league. He has a great shot, but his arrogance held back his success at KU and unfortunately will follow him. Unless he turns a new leaf, he will only be a shooter and not a basketball player. I hope it changes, but I doubt it changes. He left because he has no future at KU, not because he's going to be an NBA player next year.

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Devonté Graham's big night not enough for Kansas vs. Villanova

It was a rough one all around. I give lots of credit to Graham though. He played tough. He played through some TERRIBLE calls and was able to stay in the game through much of his four fouls. While it is sad that he got the last one on that play, he did turn it over to start with which caused the problem.

The Frank/Svi turnover at the end of the game. Yeah it sucked. But with the cutback by Svi he was wide open so if he could have gotten the pass he had a good chance of knocking it down. If he runs through and tries to take the handoff from Frank he's got two guys draped on him from 2 foot behind the 3 point line.

WHY oh WHY does Self not use that long bench? I would love to see what could happen if no starter played more than 28-30 minutes but they played AGGRESSIVE the entire time they're in the game.

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Ellis continues hot streak in NCAA Tournament

I would also argue that Landen had the better game than Selden. Yes, Selden had a great offensive game and hit some big shots. But the real story is what Lucas did to Diamond Stone defensively. Stone is a beast and Lucas shut him down completely. He disrupted him and didn't allow him to get into any groove to affect the game. Selden looked like the worst defender on the team last night, falling down and getting beat off the dribble. No denying what he did offensively however and (admittedly) sometimes his poor defense drives his improved offense. Motivation after embarrassment?

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Ellis continues hot streak in NCAA Tournament

In what world did Graham have a better game than Svi last night? Two points and five turnovers in 37 minutes? I love Graham but he had an awful game. It was only when he was out with cramps and they played with Svi/Wayne/Frank that they built that 7 point lead that eventually expanded in the second half.

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Svi Mykhailiuk's shooting highlights KU victory over Tech

I think it went both ways. But Svi needed to see confidence from HCBS (minutes) in order to get his confidence up. Now they've both got it. Agree with Selden. As great as Svi has been playing if we want a deep run it'll depend on having Selden as well as Svi (and the rest of this very well rounded team)

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