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Jalen Wilson back at practice, decision nearing on whether he'll play this season

Simply redshirting to create future playing time has to take consideration that he is a 4 year player. His rating appears to indicate no so as soon as he is opened to play let him show his ability. Plus we already have too many redshirting. Might be unable to sign top players unless some transfer.

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KU Sports Extra - No Point Guard? No Problem

I somewhat disagree no problem with the point guard position. Oklahoma played a poor offensive game. KU needs Dotson badly. Normal successful shooting would have been hard to overcome. Lets hope he plays against Texas

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KU Men's Basketball - All-Decade Team

Your explanation for Udoka to make this list might be logical but in my opinion he is highly over rated. If no one guards him he can dunk but thats it. Lets hope as the season goes on he can be a better contributor.

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The Athletic's NBA coaching carousel blog the latest to tie KU coach Bill Self's future to San Antonio

Should we need to change basketball coaches is there anyone that feels we won't get a great coach.

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Game Day Breakdown - No. 2 Kansas vs. Milwaukee

Passes in to the post. If Udoka is standing next to the rim hoping to get a pass defenders can easily block or intercept a pass. Also can prevent guards driving to the goal. Udoka needs to move away to gain a pass then drive or shoot a goal attempt. Yes he has made a high percentage of shots mostly dunks but a lot of passes are intercepted.

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Boyle's Return: Former Jayhawk and current Colorado coach Tad Boyle eager for Saturday matchup with his alma mater

Great that Tad has been successful in his coaching career. Should be an exciting game.

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Jayhawks contend progress was made in Les Miles' 1st year in charge

Well no more games to play so recruiting is the game. Yes a big disappointment losing to Baylor. But wait Baylor might be heading to the final four. Some will transfer as they see the situation but stronger recruiting is necessary.
Without proof one can hope for better success with the present coaching staff. Sounds better than crying over the present situation.

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Jayhawks roll past Chaminade for 93-63 win in Round 1 of Maui Invitational

Ok many are critical of Walton comments. Yet ESPN seems to accept his style. There is little doubt he has great talent Island rankings for example. Walton needs to be on talk shows or SNL.

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5-star guard Bryce Thompson the latest recruit to show faith in Kansas despite looming NCAA allegations

This is a punishment without a trial. So far a player ineligible for a year(actually 2 with one changed). Also recruiting is obviously punished even though no final decision is made. Not all recruits decide like Thompson did. Also last year obviously a factor for recruits.

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2020 PG Bryce Thompson will be at UNCG game Friday night

He needs a welcome like Oklahoma State gave him. I'm guessing North Carolina is out but both Oklahoma schools stand a good chance. Lets hope he becomes a Jayhawk.

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