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KU receives NCAA response in violations case

Obviously NCAA right now is having many problems and the coronavirus is a challenge. Also faced with the pay to athletes hard to see what might happen. Evidently the not making public the decision means not final. Our local paper wants to gain information that maybe isn't final.
Guess we will need to wait and see.
The punishment De Sousa received can not be changed. Including that the Big 12 and KU decided. I suppose just holding the chair up in the air appears to be nearly as bad as using it.
Today what happens with the coronavirus may be the biggest challenge.

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Preps-to-pros opportunities changing college basketball recruiting; but how much will it impact Kansas?

World Wide recruiting is gaining more attention. Basketball is becoming more popular so more available recruits for American colleges.

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Kansas junior Marcus Garrett announces plans to return to KU for senior season

It appears to me he has an excellent opportunity to have his jersey hanging in the rafters. We don't know how the coronavirus will determine future basketball. Do your best Marcus and enjoy your senior year.

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KU teammates Azubuike, Dotson project as 2nd-rounders in newest mock draft

There are pros and cons about Dotson and Udoka, Until Udoka can develop shooting from away from the goal pro teams can easily prevent his dunking. Also Dotson need to develop a drive and stop shoot 2 pointer. Those layups will be more blacked in the pros. Chris Paul has developed those 2 pointers. Well those could be developed as pros as well as another year at KU.

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Changes to college basketball's recruiting calendar have minimal impact on Kansas

Having not declared Dotson can wait and even not prevent a return if he decided to try. I'm thinking a season next at KU might help him develop a drive and sidestep a shot inside the 3 goal line. Great example of that is Paul with the Thunder. I know he can drive to the goal and score a setup but in the pros that might be a big problem.

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Paul Pierce's all-time KU starting 5 goes heavy in frontcourt

Hard to compare ability now with those from the mid 60's. Lovelette in 1952 not only helped the Jayhawks win it all but was National player of the year. Manning scored more points than any one else and also won a championship.Jo Jo White had major success. To not have these on your All-Time team would be difficult.

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KU freshman Jalen Wilson not planning to go anywhere this offseason

Now hard to predict what might be happening. But to say no way for Doke to return if eligible might be misleading. Presently it appears he has 2nd round potential. First round is guaranteed. He needs to be able to score away from under the goal and dunk. Opinions question whether G league would be better than college competition. Surely Doke will consider what is best for him. Now he doesn't have the opportunity to return next year.

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Kansas standouts Azubuike, Dotson named 2nd team AP All-Americans

Great 2 players make 2nd team All American. I would recommend to Dotson to practice shooting while driving for a set up and step back or side step. Chris Paul is a great example of someone that does that. Azubuike will find it difficult to stand close to the goal and expect passes to dunk. Defenders will play in front of him and prevent passes. Honestly if possible I believe another college season would gain them a 1st round draft pick.

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No March Madness: NCAA cancels national championship tournaments

WE surely realize when the Utah team had a player show positive and cancelled their game at Oklahoma City that started cancelling and suspending games. That actually forced others to do the same. In fact NCAA had already stated games without spectators. But they were forced by opinions to change to stop games for the season. That is how it was.

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Talk of Kansas basketball hanging a 2020 national championship banner seems tacky

There are pros and cons whether a champion should be declared for 2019-2020. Ok here is my pro. To leave it blank says no season was played. Not true the season was played and was stopped for reasons we all know. So the only way to not post a blank is to use sources that indicate the best rated team. Kansas by far has the top choice from AP and Coaches poll.
Technically NCAA could and should make that distinction. Problem the pending accusations might be a problem. So even if KU is presented as the champions NCAA could and would force
removal if accusations are approved.
Guys and gals thats my take.

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