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'Group of Five' countdown, No. 3: Lane Kiffin, Florida Atlantic

I'd rather we hire Tonya Harding.

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KU basketball notebook: Self still saying no to KU-MU

I do think Kansas made a mistake in their take on the Missouri series. When they left the conference, I thought we should have said that, anytime they wanted to come over to the Fieldhouse or to Memorial Stadium, we'd be glad to have them. We might even give them 30 tickets or so to sell to their fans.

However, since it would not be to Kansas' advantage to go to Columbia or play them in Kansas City, that'd be the extent of what we're willing to do.

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What do you think of the adidas camo alternate uniforms?

I'm not a fan of camo on anybody but soldiers. However, I do think they are infinitely better than those idiotic blue on blue on blue on blue ones we had to wear earlier.

Generally, I'm not a fan of gimmicky uniforms and prefer that schools use their regular look, but some of the special ones that companies come up with are pretty good. Unfortunately, I just don't care for either of the ones we've been given this year.

Hopefully, if they come up with more stuff next year, it'll be something more of us like.

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KU football's positions of strength entering spring drills

I sure hope the D-Line is as improved as we all seem to think it might be. In my opinion, that's been the biggest problem on the defensive side of the ball since the clock ran out down in the Orange Bowl. Ever since then, our line has been various shades of not very disruptive to the other teams, it seems.

If this group can develop into a good line, the linebackers and backs will be able to do so many things so much better even if they only are as good as they were last year. However, since I know that they'll improve as well, we could actually stand a chance to pick off a few teams in coming years.

The games are won along the line of scrimmage.

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Opinion: Setback as bad as it gets

Quit missing layups, huh? That's brilliant! Have you thought about calling Coach Self and recommend that he tell the guys that? You should totally call Coach and offer that advice.

Quit missing layups! Man, Coach is going to kick himself that he hadn't thought of that already!

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Opinion: KU can't compete with a pass D like this

My take as to why K-State does so well and we don't with our classes being "ranked" better than theirs is that recruiting rankings are 100% bullplop.

All of them.

Anybody who worries about how many stars so-and-so has and how this class is ranked is engaged in a worthless exercise.

The people "ranking" these classes have no idea--zero--what they're talking about. It's all guesswork. All of it. Don't spend any time or energy worrying about how many stars and rankings. Just sit and watch the games on Saturday. If you do that, you can see that everybody else on our schedule had infinitely more talent than we did.

We barely had more talent than South Dakota State. Just by a nose.

I'm hoping that the coaches can find some guys that can help improve this team, but I wouldn't spend more than 2 nanoseconds worrying about the number of stars or how they're "ranked".

It's idiotic.

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Opinion: It's time for Charlie Weis to move on from Dayne Crist

Good evening, Table Hawk.

If it is agreed that the Jayhawks lack the talent level that their opponents posess, I don't really see how anybody can get upset about stats--like only having 7 sacks. Of course we only have seven sacks, our guys pressuring the QB aren't as good as the guys blocking them.

They aren't going to win very many battles.

That's the part I don't get about the angry fans in the fanbase. I wouldn't get pissed off at the kid who lives next door to me if he played one-on-one with Lebron James and only scored one time. I'd have no honest intellectual choice but to applaud the effort. Whether we like it or not, that's the basic level of matchup that's going on around here.

I see improvement in the areas of forcing turnovers. I see the guys on defense playing harder than they did a year ago. On offense, I see guys trying, but without almost no talent on the offensive side of the ball, I don't expect that they'll score many points at all.

The special teams are pathetic. Undoubtedly. That's because we have very little D1 talent on the roster. The coaches can't make bad football players into great ones in one off season. They can demand that every player do his best. From where I sit, that's what they've done, and that's what they've been given.

This summer, I was in a discussion with some Kansas fans about expectations for the year, I told them that I thought if this team was extremely lucky, they could win two games.

No more than that.

They're exactly where I thought they'd be. My hope is that Charlie Weiss and the other coaches can change it. But there is no way--none whatsoever--that they could do it in one season. The university had no real choice but to replace the last coaching staff. I wish it hadn't been so, but they had to do it. When they did it, I figured that it will take Coach Weiss at least five years to get this going. At least. Let me save everybody some heartache around here, the Jayhawks won't be going bowling next season, either. They have a chance of being a four-win team if they continue to improve.

I think fans have a tendency to wildly overestimate the talent level on their team and underestimating how good the other teams are. My wiring tends to be the reverse of that, so I'm rarely disappointed in how my teams do.

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Opinion: It's time for Charlie Weis to move on from Dayne Crist

I'm sorry, but it simply is true that the team has improved under this coaching staff.

The issue, as Mr. Keegan acknowledges, is that the guys in Kansas uniforms are not as good as the guys in the other uniforms.

I have read quite a few posters alleging that Kansas' talent is really no different than any team that we're playing. That's not so. Kansas is wildly outclassed from a talent perspective every time they take the field. Quite frankly, I admire the guys who are going out there every week and giving it their best knowing that the only way they have a chance to win is if the other team completely lays an egg.

Anybody looking at this team with an honest eye, though, would have to concede that they're doing better than they did a year ago. I hope they will look better a year from now than they do this year.

When your seniors are on their third coaching staff, you've had essentially four lost recruiting years. Guys were recruited by other coaches to do other things than they're being asked to do by this staff. People who were being recruited by former coaches who may have helped frequently decide not to come when there's a change. The first recruiting class for a staff is one that is thrown together at the last moment.

It will take years--YEARS--to get this fixed. The one sure fire way to turn that timeline into decades would be to start firing coaches again.

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Jayhawks left off of media's preseason all-Big 12 teams

That doesn't make any sense. Were the voters aware that the players' names will be on the jerseys this year? As I understand things from reading comments here, that was the biggest reason that the team struggled the last two years.

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