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Transfer Hunter Mickelson to sit out, soak it up for a year

I know that losing all that money sucks but maybe the drop will be an ok thing in the end. He will have better players around him the further he drops, and they might make him shine more. Look at Cole, he got a good check at the beginning but he never saw pt. If he was on a team that he fit better on he might have got a better contract this year.

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Andrew Wiggins on his way

3 questions that the first picture makes me ask. Is Frank Mason taller than we thought? Is Jo Jo shorter than we thought? Or are they just on completely different steps? And boy Greene seem tall.

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Will Andrew Wiggins average over/under 18 points next season?

For as much attention as Wiggins has gotten he seems like we will be double teamed most of the time. I think he has a better chance of getting two Triple Doubles than averaging above 18 ppg.

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Memphis forward Tarik Black transfers to KU

Tough call but last year's team wins do to team chemistry and experience.

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Memphis forward Tarik Black transfers to KU

With Black and Lucas, I think there are going to be more people than just Justin who will be missing a tooth or two.

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Addition of Andrew Wiggins brings clarity to KU basketball lineup

I hope no one has an injury. And I do hope your right because we have great guys backing him up. It would mean he was super dooper great.

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Addition of Andrew Wiggins brings clarity to KU basketball lineup

This team reminds me of the national title team in the way that if one play fouls out or isn't having their night we can replace them without feeling it. I love depth but I hope they all be team players and know where they stand and are happy with it.

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Instant reaction:'s Jason King talks about what the Andrew Wiggins signing means for KU

Jaydee I agree with you about X. I think many people wanted him to put the team on his shoulders like Durant and many other people base his KU play on his NBA performance. Neither of those are fair. He did a good job at KU really did help with winning the Big 12.

One problem is that these Kids are hyped so much that geneticly engineered Wilt/Jordan/Santa Claus couldn't live up.

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins to announce on Tuesday

That probably isn't a bad idea. It work for Irving and some what for Noel and Oden. Play one or two games to get attention and then go down with a season ending injury so the press can talk about how great you could have been and keep the hype up. Let their title wave of ink push to the top of the draft.

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Former Jayhawk Michael Lee looking for work

Oh and casino

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