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Game Balls and Gassers: Texas Tech

Gale Sayers would have made the first down! Tony Pierson would have made the first down! As a matter of fact, Tony Pierson looked a lot like a somewhat smaller version of Gale Sayers on his broken field run for 39 yards.

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Notebook: Tony Pierson injured; Weis not upset KU fans left early

and...Charley Weis is an upgrade from Turner Gill? Who recruited Pierson, Sims, Bourbon, Miller, Heeney, etc. etc?

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Teammates sing QB Jake Heaps’ praises

Does anyone else think that the throwing arm in the photo looks like it doesn't belong to Heaps?

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Opinion: Wide receiver Nick Harwell still coming to KU whether his former school cooperates or not

The LJW has every right to do what they are doing, and the Jayhawk fans have every right to ignore the LJW. The LJW has plenty of other ads on their site from which they generate income, without gathering personal information about their readers.

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Opinion: Wide receiver Nick Harwell still coming to KU whether his former school cooperates or not

Although I've been a long timer follower of LJW sports pages, as others, I no longer plan to read LJW articles. I respect and applaud the "freedom of the press". I do not like the gathering of information about individual subscribers. I'd like for you to respect the subscriber's "right to privacy"".

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Report: T-Rob t-raded

Not sure why you refer to Mario as a sixth man. He has started 77 of 77 games this past season. Mario had the first or second most minutes on the team in some of the playoff games. The "other" point guard didn't even make it into the game during game 7.

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KU officials won’t comment on Cobb meeting with NCAA

Ben McLemore seems like a great kid, but perhaps not too smart. He doesn't appear to have lied or misrepresented anything. However, he continues to believe that Rodney Blackstock is a great friend. As a very distant observer, it seems clear that Blackstock and Cobb have both been out to "cash in" on McLemore's skills.

My greatest concern is not that KU will be found guilty of any wrong doing, but that the NCAA may force the forfeiture of all games in which McLemore played, causing us to lose ground against Kentucky, North Carolina, and Duke in all time wins.

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Will Andrew Wiggins average over/under 18 points next season?

After attending 3 schools in 4 years, what are the odds that Wiggins ends up in the same position as Mclemore and Traylor.......not eligible to play next year?

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How former Jayhawks fared in April 29 NBA games

Bill Self brings out the best in his players. In some cases that may result in a marginal nba prospect becoming high level prospect. The player may not advance as much in the nba as expected because he has already advanced significantly in Bill Self's system.

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