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KU's Self on doorstep of win 400

Damn Jaybate, you're out there dude. Not sure how you come up with that stuff but it's interesting nonetheless.

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KU's Self on doorstep of win 400

Collins owns Wall
Morris owns Patterson
Aldrich owns Cousins and Patterson
Self owns Calipari

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Henry looking to regain touch vs. NU

Self not worried at all? Huh. Well it is Feb and I guess X has til March to get back on track. It seems like Self would be concerned at this point but he knows what he is talking about so it's a good sign from that standpoint. We should crush Nebraska at home today so hopefully X is relaxed and can display his talent!


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Seabury wins game, loses coach

Ummmm? Seabury? I had to read the article to know if it was a high school or a small college. I'm guessing it's in Lawrence? KU connection?

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Rocky Mountain sigh

X has not produced in conference play b/c these teams know how to defend him. He can only drive one direction (left) and he's lost when that gets shut down. Self will have to figure out a different way to get him involved in the offense this season. I say we give him another game or two to get it going and if he doesn't then yank the red shirt off of Little or Releford. I'd hate to see this season end in dissapointment but it likely will if we don't have another weapon emerge.

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Rocky Mountain sigh

That was tough to watch toward the end of regulation. It seemed like they were really feeling the pressure in the last 2 minutes. I had a good feeling once it went OT. We need X to get back on track and to do it soon!! He's not a scoring threat at all right now and we will need that option to win some of the remaining games.

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Morningstar holds no grudges

Good thing he doesn't hold a grudge b/c Morningstar owns Clemente!

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Withey presence in post

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Gettin Withey with it.

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KU's Xavier Henry excelling on defense

Tyshawn is foolish if he posted anything about him transferring online. It really makes him look dumb. If he really did it then Self should just bench the guy. I personally don't think it's a bad thing if he leaves this team. He is absolutely interchangeabe. EJ has a much higher ceiling than Taylor and he is just a freakish athlete. Bottom line is that we have several guys who can play that role and I don't think Tyshawn is the best option anyway. What we need to happen is for Cole to get back to what he was doing last year and start dominating folks down low. If this happens, which I believe it will, and Marcus continues to play so well. We may be an unstoppable force. "Cannonball" Collins with two dominant big men down low with another solid gaurd (Brady) and a solid wing (X)! Barring injury, I'm not sure they lose again.

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KU motivated by Bears’ snub

If we didn't have Sherron we would be similar to North Carolina this year. He's carried us all year. Let's go ahead and get that mans jersey hung up in the rafters.

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