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How Keegan voted — March 15 college basketball poll

Keegan, where's Texas? LOL

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KU men hope to stay longer at the Big 12 tournament this year

Welp. I'm in Vegas an I'm feeling like throwin down some loot on Kansas. Unstoppable baby. Unstoppable. Beer me.

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’Cats set sights on streak

KU needs to win this game for a number of reasons. I'm pretty sure, even if we don't play our best, Sherron won't let us down tonight!

Damn Right! Go 'Hawks!!!!

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Ready for the rafters? Collins hopes to have jersey hanging in Allen Fieldhouse one day

He's a stud! I can't wait to see how the next several weeks unfold. Either way, Sherron is one of the greats and without a doubt will have his jersey retired.

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Mario Little making strides in red-shirt campaign

Good article. I keep forgetting how good we should be again next year. Loaded again basically.

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KU missed on Burks

I'm not positive but I feel like this exact article was posted when we played Colorado last time. I may be wrong about the content but I would bet money that the headline is recycled. Anyway, Xavier is better than Burks... He's also on a much better team than Burks. X is a role player on his team. Burks is da man on his.

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KU's Self: Bob Knight not right this time

I don't think the cooment Bobby Knight made should be taken very seriously. First of all, yes Knight is a great coach but his obviously hasn't converted to announcing for him if you haven't noticed. He does not even know the names of players on KU opponents rosters. He didn't know DASH HARRIS' name on Mon!!! Come on! It takes 5 min or less to learn a roster. That said, why would he know how to coach a KU player better than Self? I'm thinking Self knows Sherron a little better than Bobby Knight does.

This article was a stretch. Slow day at the paper I guess.

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A&M eager for top-ranked challenge

“I used to sit in Wichita and be like, ‘Man, the Big 12 is no good. We should be in the NCAA Tournament, not these Big 12 teams.’ I was wrong,” Turgeon said.

Really? Big 12 no good compared to Wichita State? Foolish

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Elijah Johnson remains patient

Johnson's size wasn't being compared to Coles. His contribution as far as an increased role at some point this season was the comparison.

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UNC coach Williams apologizes for Haiti remarks

Roy sure has been drawing a lot of attention to himself in a year when his team is clearly not very good. I'm sick of him acting shocked that he's not winning every single game this year when he lost 4 starters from a championship team after last season. The only reason I like the fact that Roy continually makes an ass out of himself is because it always makes me realize and appreciate how great a coach Bill Self is. He's a classy guy that doesn't say stupid things to the media.

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