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Scout praises 2016 KU recruit in new ranks

Good comparisons! I'd only change 1 thing... swap Wiggins and Seldon so we are going apples to apples with Chalmers and Rush. So it's Chalmers vs Seldon at the 2 spot and Rush vs Wiggins at the 3. In that case Chalmers is likely the greater at his position and Wiggins likely trumps Rush.

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Jamari Traylor’s tale captivates campers


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This one sure felt meaningful

"Withey, warts and all..."???

Elijah ahead of schedule? No. He was way behind schedule until now. I'd say he is getting close to being where he should be given his amount of PT. His upside is tremendous still though in my opinion. He'll get a fair amount better.

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Collison tickled OKC added Aldrich

Again, $32M is $32M, whether you play for one team or ten.

Both Nick and Drew have had a great run.

Cole is about to enter the big pay stub club. Lucky him!

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Notre Dame, Arkansas: Come on Down

Keegan, what the hell are you even talking about?? Notre Dame?? They would go Big 10 if they wanted to join a conference.

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Dr. Bob Run, a 5K, set for Saturday on KU campus

Great guy! Great cause! Wish I could make it. Maybe next year

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KU’s Self assesses Final 4 matchups

@Jaybate- You got a lot of time on your hands big guy. It's going to be a long off season.

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