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NCAA source confirms request for KU's allegations case to be heard by independent panel

Let the Power Five Conferences set the rules for Div I sports and their Championships. Mid majors can stay with the big boys or drop down to Div II. Then let's set up regional super conferences around the power five schools and balance them out in football and lead to a true national pllayoff format.

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NCAA source confirms request for KU's allegations case to be heard by independent panel

Oh, Michael we are a year plus from a "final" decision on all of this so make your decision based on the known facts of the case and your feelings about all of it instead of a ruling. It's time the NCAA admit and accept that like it or not (and they seem to like it based on the $$$ it brings them) that Div I revenue generating sports are now and will forever be semi-pro. The NCAA needs to step away froyhem Div I and focus just on Div II and Div III. Let

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NCAA source confirms request for KU's allegations case to be heard by independent panel

Matt, I always love your stuff but wow, lately you guys are last to the party on KU breaking news. I head about this via espn alert kast night so they get my eyeball attention. Not sure if you guys are just slow, or you ownership group is making you slow. This is potentially the biggest sports story in the history of the university (that's saying something) and the NCAA and you guys need to ge first to the table, not last. If we dont get a favorable outcome from this panel the whole thing will go to federal court which could spell the end of NCAA's grip on Div I sports. Please treat it going forward with that kind of urgency so I can continue to rely on you. Thanks

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Kansas coach Bill Self calls Udoka Azubuike 'questionable' for Senior Night

As great as Dok has been this year history says he cannot, and we cannot afford to have him sit for two weeks and be effective. He seems to lose his wind and floor speed after missing just a few games. He needs to deal with it this year and get up and down the floor. He needs to deal with the pain threshold. Watching him Saturday I thought a lion had gnawed off his foot, and not a typical bball ankle sprain.

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Azubuike's limited shot attempts against Duke just one sign of an offense out of sync

When I watch Dok play last season and this one so far I see a player who appears to not care and really has zero passion for the game. Maybe he just wants to move on to the NBA. From what Im seeing the team will not be able to count on him in crunch time. Does not make him a bad person just a young man without burning desire to help us win a championship. Also, why is he always winded after just a couple trips up and down the court? Medical condition? You may want to try lots of laps in the pool to build endurance.

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Kansas QB Torry Locklin had opportunity to develop during grayshirt year

Chris, he is not on the hot seat. I truly believe we have had the talent for two years to win 6 games we just had a horrible coach who had no idea whatsoever what he was doing from one minute to the next and he worked for an AD who was even more clueless. I think the Mad Hatter, who is a real coach, knew that before he ever took the job. There is no pressure on him or the players I just feel very strongly with my very limited football IQ that all the pieces are in place to get those results. I have my season tickets and I do plan to enjoy the ride.

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Kansas QB Torry Locklin had opportunity to develop during grayshirt year


I did hear that. I think he heard it from me at back when they hired the Mad Hatter. As Jack Palance said in Batman to Jack Nicholson...."He's my guyyyyyy" He's going to lead us to the promised land.

Dane, very good comeback quips. So what you are saying is if Scott Bakula can lead a team from North Texas, with a white hot girl kicker, to the championships so can Torry? If so, I concur at least a shot at the Big 12 playoffs.

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Kansas QB Torry Locklin had opportunity to develop during grayshirt year

Dirk would be correct if we had time for that but we don't. We need six wins and a bowl appearance this season. If you read between the lines of HCLM media minutes I don't think he is convinced that his QB1 or QB2 can accomplish the mission. He said he would have a final feel for it all after game 1. I think like all HC's he is concerned about the optics of a gray shirt starter, but his fav is Torry. I look for Torry to lead the offense to six wins starting with BC. The kid has "it".

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KU football adds 4 more commitments Saturday morning, bringing weekend haul to 6

I know it's real when I see Mr. McCabe getting on board the Mad Hatter Express. My advice is to buckle up because it is going to be a fast, furious, and bumpy ride. Thank you again Coach Miles for coming to KU! You are going to make this season and next very special for those players and us fans.

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Quentin Grimes says goodbye to Kansas, declares for 2019 NBA Draft

Let's Take a vote among all of the people who post here. Who wants to throw "Story TIme" Jay Scott off of Blogger Island? Please raise your hand. Meeeeeeeeee! Chicken Little that is the best you can bring to the page? You are totally worthless and weak! There is no doubt that "Q" can play basketball. He was the U-18 FIBA Americas Championships MVP last summer coached by Bill Self. Something happened after the Michigan State game that took the desire out of him. Maybe he hated school and was no good at it, maybe somebody bullied him, maybe he is a snowflake. Maybe he is homesick for Houston. With a mother who graduated from KU it makes no sense that he didn't fully understand what he was getting in to at KU. Matt Tait will get to the bottom of all of this before boot camp starts in the Fall. For now, those of you, like two first names Jay Scott, thinks any of the top 20 OAD's still waiting to name their school are coming to KU next year you need to put the crack pipes down and get a real job. Word is out, KU is not a good fit for some reason for OAD's and I have faith that HCBS is done with the experiment. By the way that first glance poll was done during the first week of the tourney and it is filled out by people who are putting no time into it and no breaking news research. We are on the list by blue blood reputation alone, nothing more.

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