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Kansas ends road losing streak with win over Central Michigan

If the players can get some confidence early like the defense did today man I can’t wait to see these hawks play ...this is a good win for us to make up for last week but I am especially proud of special teams looks like Kenny perry has the special teams goin... wish I could be as exicited for meachum getting the offense going pooka is the truth.. Bowen’s defense actually looked like they had a plan ... so happy for these hawks but as a fan base we need to see competitive ball and we got that ttoday... wish this was an every week thing... just wish we could play half as good as we did today in big 12 play.... I am behind our guys 100% but this is one week in a very tough conference can we sustain this type of play ?? this is what it takes to be a threat... I still don’t know if we can do something for real we will see what Rutgers brings us next week...good job Beaty and co for not screwing the guys up they were flowing and u let them play ...

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KU football reveals its first depth chart of 2018

Is Robert Topps still with KU, or is he just not listed on this depth chart?.....Was hoping to get a chance to see him play this year isn't he like a 6'3 DB?

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Notebook: Mike Lee trusting of KU secondary's newcomers

I do not have twitter but i saw something on jayhawkslant twitter that said dom williams leaving... idk what that means dont want to assume nothing i guess it could have been a pic of him leaving the field for all i know

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Notebook: Mike Lee trusting of KU secondary's newcomers

Is there any word on Dom Williams ?

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Notebook: KU football veterans regard atypical spring as a success

Is Dominic Williams leaving the program or transferring?

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Notebook: Beaty says Jayhawks need to become 'toughest team' in Big 12

Thats fine i just want to know some rumors of who our next coach could be then....i dont think many people want to come here

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Notebook: Beaty says Jayhawks need to become 'toughest team' in Big 12

I am in no way happy with the results of Beaty's last 3 years here but I have a hard time thinking of other coaches out there who would actually want to take this job. I feel Beaty truly cares about Kansas and wants them to succeed I also feel that he is learning how to be a head coach on the fly. Who are some guys that realistically would jump at a chance to take over this program? For now I will continue to support Beaty and hope he can get this thing turned around. When you hear former players talk about Beaty and how hes trying to build something the right way I cant help but want him to succeed. I am tired of the losing and it becomes harder each week to watch when we are consistently getting down early in games. For now at least I will continue to support this staff and hope some REAL changes are being made and no more bad alignments and missed assignments can happen. If and when we ever find a QB this team will turn a corner. As for defense I would love to see Robert Topps III as the opposite corner to Harris he has good size and I have been high on him since he signed. Hopefully we can get our defensive struggles figured out I'm excited to see the impact Bill Miller has on this program.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas offense can't crackle and pop until it snaps

Thank You for posting some football news!!! I am excited for spring ball and to see what changes are being made on offense and defense. Please keep the football articlescoming!

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Juco QB to enroll at Kansas this semester

Does anyone have any info on who is at the top of Beaty's OL coach list? I saw an article on jayhawkslant but am not a registered member was wondering any rumors anyone has heard?

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