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Danny Manning appears Tulsa bound

Like everyone else, great for Danny Manning. He isn't getting any younger and he's earned the right to be a head coach. He will be back at KU at some point, we all know this. I hope every school that goes after Danny knows this too. However, have to agree that the timing is awful. Really Tulsa? Right before Final Four, can't wait 4 days? Give me a break. I don't think it will be much of a distraction because it's not like we're losing Self. But still, the timing of this is disrespectful to the team trying to get ready for the Final 4. The spotlight should be on them. The team and Self should not have to answer questions on this during their run to a NC.

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Road test exposes Kansas’ thin bench

It is what it is, but I'm surprised how deflated we looked from the start. Especially since Iowa State put up a fight in AFH, we knew how good they can be. Everyone can focus on the bench, which I will touch on in a second, but we will not win road games against quality competition without Releford or Johnson contributing more. In the last five games Releford is averaging 8 points and Johnson 9. That just isn't good enough from these two guys. We need the Releford who dropped 28 on Oklahoma and 16 on Kstate. We need the EJ who put up 23 on UCLA and 15 on Ohio State. Until we get more consistent scoring from these two, we will struggle to win road games.

Regarding the bench, Teahan needs to get less minutes until he proves he can hit the 3 more consistently. He is worthless otherwise. Give Tharpe more minutes and build up his confidence. The biggest issue I see with Tharpe is getting the ball stripped bringing it up the court. To alleviate this issue, have another guard stay back and help him or just have another guard bring it up. Tharpe is much more athletic than Teahan, is quicker, can play better defense and needs the experience/confidence. Tharpe will be no better next year unless he plays more this year. Young, averaging 5 minutes the last 4 games, no wonder he's inconsistent. That's on Self to play him more. Wesley is what he is.

Bad but not surprising loss. I'll take this loss for a win @ Mizzou next weekend. Still in first place. RCJH.

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Agg beating: Jayhawks suffer worst blowout of season in 61-7 loss to Texas A&M

Tired of everyone saying KU is just a basketball school. Unfortunately, this label will never go away because it is true. It's not because the fans don't care about football, it's because we are so incredibly uncompetitive that it's not even worth watching. Gill needs to go and should have been fired immediately after this embarrassment of a game. This would have sent a message that losing in this manner is unacceptable and maybe would have lit a fire under our team for the Border War. Instead, Gill probably gave a pep talk about how everyone is a winner for playing for hard, regardless what the scoreboard says. We need to bring in a proven coach next year, that everyone (fans, alumni, students) can rally behind and trust to re-build our football program over the next 3-4 years. Leach would be perfect, plus I imagine he would love playing Texas Tech every year. Those who say he wouldn't be interested are wrong. Why wouldn't he? No pressure (win 1 conference game and you have Gill beat), would automatically be loved by all of Jayhawk nation for even taking the job, and since he's a proven coach he would be guaranteed the 4 years or so to re-build our program (which Gill won't get because no one believes he can).

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Bill Self: UK could be top team

Going into the game I thought KU was going to win because of our experience. But, Self is right. No one on our team besides Taylor has ever been a go to starter in big games. Our inexperience showed up in the 2nd half. That being said, this Kentucky team is down right nasty. I don't think I've ever seen a team that athletic, long and talented. It would not surprise me if they go undefeated this year. As for our Hawks, I expect us to win the Maui tournament. No teams there have the talent of Kentucky, not even Duke.

On a side note, I do hope we end up landing one more player in recruiting. Whether it is White, Shabazz (long shot), or Nino Jackson (Rivals has KU as the only school "High" on his interest level). Personally I would rather have White or Nino, since Shabazz seems like a guaranteed one and done. Pair White or Jackson with the guys we have already signed and the future is looking great. Rock Chalk!

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