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Kansas Athletics expecting $10 million budget shortfall; no plans to ask university for help

As crowd sizes have shrunk, the financial losses at Kansas Athletics Inc. have grown to the point that leaders were told Wednesday to expect about a $10.4 million loss for the current fiscal year.

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Portion of NCAA report indicates a third KU basketball player was connected to improper payments

Until Thursday, Silvio De Sousa and Billy Preston were publicly regarded as the only Jayhawks involved in the current NCAA allegations against the University of Kansas. But a section of the NCAA’s response, released by KU on Thursday, indicates that there may have been a third.

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KU argues with NCAA that Adidas isn't a booster, but sends out flyer to local businesses suggesting otherwise

Whether former Adidas consultants — and now convicted felons — were boosters of KU Athletics is a big question in the NCAA’s case against the university. KU leaders this week sent out a flyer to thousands of local businesses that may create some confusion about that argument. The Kansas Athletics Compliance Office this week sent an electronic copy of its “Guide for Jayhawk Supporters” to many businesses in the Lawrence area.

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Analysis: Understanding what matters and what doesn't in the NCAA's case against KU

It seems like KU officials understand what this case hinges on, but the sports radio and online chatter make it clear that many fans and some pundits don’t. KU fans have been building defenses for KU that probably won't matter much in the end. The case hinges on whether Adidas employees — people like T.J. Gassnola, James Gatto and Merl Code, all convicted of federal fraud charges — are categorized as boosters of the university.

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KU officials confirm they have received notice of NCAA violations; will 'fiercely dispute' charges

The integrity of KU’s men’s basketball program — and perhaps its vaunted streak of postseason appearances — came under attack Monday after the NCAA alleged head coach Bill Self and one of his assistants were complicit in major recruiting violations.

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Girod: KU has changed basketball procedures in wake of FBI case; 'We have to make sure we do it right going forward'

KU Chancellor Douglas Girod acknowledged Wednesday that internal procedures of the men’s basketball program have changed after a pay-for-play scheme ensnared two KU players, saying KU has to “make sure we do it right going forward.”

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As new KU deal is signed, it's unclear what Adidas will do to help prevent future basketball scandal

Adidas will do more in the future to help prevent college basketball recruiting scandals, a Kansas Athletics official said Wednesday as KU and Adidas announced a nearly $200 million dollar extension of their marketing partnership. But specific steps the apparel company will take to prevent a repeat of the past scandal — where three of its former employees or consultants have been convicted on federal fraud charges — weren’t announced.

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NCAA's De Sousa ruling raises new questions about whether KU coaches committed violations

University of Kansas officials already have used the terms “mean-spirited” and “vindictive” to describe the NCAA and its suspension of KU basketball player Silvio De Sousa. But NCAA officials also used a term that should have the full attention of the leaders and fans of KU basketball: "booster."

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KU claims it has $1.5 million in new Adidas money, but when asked to point to it on financial statements, it won't

Kansas Athletics is refusing to release information about its 2018 financial statements as questions persist about KU’s dealings with apparel provider Adidas, which is embroiled in a pay-for-play college basketball scheme.

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Despite all the empty seats, KU says football ticket sales were up in 2018

Despite the frequent sight of empty seats on a Saturday at Memorial Stadium, University of Kansas officials are now saying they actually saw an increase in football ticket sales during the 2018 season.

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KU struggling to explain why it went into 'stand-down' mode in investigating basketball recruiting allegations

University of Kansas Chancellor Douglas Girod has said KU is officially in “stand-down mode” when it comes to figuring out whether KU basketball coaches acted improperly in the recruiting scandal that is gripping the sport.

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As KU Athletics posts another financial loss, leaders say focus needs to be on increasing revenue, not decreasing expenses

After Kansas Athletics posted a second straight year of financial losses, KU Chancellor Douglas Girod’s office highlighted the need to grow revenue and upgrade athletic facilities.

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Despite record donation, KU Athletics loses $5M in 2018; salaries increased 13 percent

Fundraising was up — including a historic $50 million pledge — but Kansas Athletics still posted a more than $5 million loss as department spending again exceeded athletic revenues during the 2018 fiscal year.

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A month after KU coach caught on wiretapped phone call discussing recruit and money, chancellor has not talked to coach

On Oct. 16 federal court proceedings revealed a University of Kansas basketball coach discussed on a wiretapped phone conversation a high-profile recruit and potential cash payments that could get him to come to KU.

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Board of Regents member wants KU explanation on issues related to college basketball corruption case

A top official with the Kansas Board of Regents said he expects to receive an explanation about what a KU basketball coach meant when he was recorded on a phone call discussing a recruit and money.

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Wiretapped phone call of KU coach may become part of NCAA inquiry; AD confirms NCAA hasn't started on De Sousa review

University of Kansas Athletic Director Jeff Long said Thursday that a wiretapped phone conversation where a KU coach and an Adidas representative discussed the possibility of paying a recruit may be part of a future “inquiry” with the NCAA. But Long left unclear whether he has done anything to already ascertain what the intentions were of KU assistant basketball coach Kurtis Townsend when he was caught on tape with Adidas representative Merl Code discussing inducements that might have to be given to attract a top recruit.

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KU now refuses to share info with public on $1.5M in Adidas payments; last week it said lack of personnel was reason for delay

KU accepted $1.5 million in extra payments from the shoe company at the center of a college basketball corruption case, but now KU is refusing to release documents detailing the conditions attached to the money.

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How deeply will NCAA dig into KU's recruiting? That question and others still loom after trial

The trial is over but the questions aren’t for the University of Kansas and its involvement in a college basketball recruiting scandal that may well send some former KU partners to prison.

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KU says it's evaluating options on Adidas contract, doesn't answer whether it will conduct independent investigation of recruiting practices

The University of Kansas is continuing to evaluate whether it wants to be in partnership with Adidas after two of the company’s former employees were convicted Wednesday on fraud charges related to a pay-for-play college basketball recruiting scheme.

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KU cites lack of personnel for delay in providing records related to unexplained $1.5M in Adidas payments

As former Adidas executives face a federal jury, KU continues to delay the release of documents that could shed light on the university’s financial relationship with the now controversial apparel company.

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Chancellor won't say whether he still has 'complete confidence' that KU follows recruiting rules

As a federal corruption trial has made new allegations regarding the recruiting practices of the University of Kansas, Chancellor Douglas Girod is no longer willing to say he has “complete confidence” in the university’s staff to follow recruiting rules.

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As allegations mount, KU mum about Adidas ties and extra $1.5M it has received from the company

The University of Kansas has seemingly increased its financial partnership with Adidas at the same time the apparel company finds itself at the center of a federal trial alleging crooked basketball recruiting practices.

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KU releases federal subpoenas in college basketball investigation

Text messages, emails, enrollment records, financial aid documents and other such information from the University of Kansas now may be in the hands of federal prosecutors investigating the college basketball recruiting scandal.

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Kansas Athletics largely exempt from KU budget cuts; other details about budget murky

As departments across the University of Kansas campus are being ordered to make budget cuts of about 6 percent, the budget for Kansas Athletics Inc. is expected to grow by about 6 percent, leaders were told Wednesday. By Chad Lawhorn

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Girod indicates search for new athletic director drawing to a close

The search for a new athletic director at the University of Kansas is on pace to be done by the end of summer, but could wrap up as shortly as two weeks, Chancellor Douglas Girod said Wednesday.

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Rock Chalk Park started as $39 million deal for KU; now it may top $100 million after KU allowed lease to be changed

Former Kansas Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger agreed to a contract change that could cost KU tens of millions of dollars in additional lease payments at Rock Chalk Park, a review by the Journal-World has found.

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Girod: Athletics important to KU, but there is a "disconnect" too

When University of Kansas Chancellor Douglas Girod thinks about his university’s athletic department, a number sometimes comes to mind. It is not one you’ll find on the scoreboard or in the record books, though. Rather, look through enrollment records.

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Should KU be worried about getting dumped from a Power 5 Conference? The financial stakes are huge

“Power” may not be a strong enough word to describe the financial benefits of being a member of a Power 5 Conference.

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Administrative salaries jumped by 42 percent in a single year at Kansas Athletics; KU salaries top K-State's

The year of the big deal for the Big 12 conference was 2012. The year for big paychecks at Kansas Athletics Inc. came right after it with administration salaries increasing by $6 million — or 42 percent — in a single year, a review by the Journal-World has found.

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How much does KU spend on athletics? More than the city spends on police, fire and roads, but returns are big too

In Lawrence, college athletics is a basic necessity. Don’t believe it? Look at the numbers. In 2017, according to budget documents, the city of Lawrence spent $81.9 million on police, fire and roads — often ranked among the most important of government services. Kansas Athletics during its fiscal year 2017 spent $94.7 million hosting athletic events and serving the university’s approximately 500 student athletes.

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KU Cheer Team placed on probation for hazing, other offenses; report alleges initiation involved nudity of cheerleaders

The University of Kansas’ Cheer Team has been placed on probation for a year because of at least one incident of hazing and action that harmed people, the university has confirmed.

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KU football ticket sales down about $6 million per year; some question whether $300 million in new facilities will help

Part of Kansas football and its falling fortunes involves a math problem. The key number in the equation is about $6 million. A Journal-World review of Kansas Athletics Inc. finances found that KU needs to sell about $6 million in additional tickets per year just to get the program back to the brief glory days it had nearly a decade ago in the Mark Mangino era.

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KU basketball saves athletic department budget, allows leaders to dream of 'blue sky potential'

Despite popular opinion, KU has a good football program. It just happens to play basketball. No, you haven’t missed any gridiron victories. Rather, that’s just a way to note that KU’s nationally renowned basketball program performs financially like a good football program.

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A look at the finances of Kansas Athletics: Rising revenues, soaring costs, big bets

Forget the numbers on the Memorial Stadium scoreboard, if you can. Divert your attention from the more pleasing numbers on the Allen Fieldhouse Jumbotron for a moment. The pros on Wall Street will tell you the really important games in America are scored with dollars, not points. By that measure, there are some Wall Street executives likely envious of Kansas Athletics — indictment issues aside. From 2006 to 2017, the nonprofit corporation Kansas Athletics Inc. has seen its revenues increase by 68 percent. But looking only at revenues is like evaluating a football team by looking only at its offense.

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Town Talk: A look at 7 scathing comments about college basketball and a report that could change Lawrence's most visible industry

The most visible industry in Lawrence just got a shot over its bow today. The report to the NCAA on college basketball is scathing in many regards.

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KU didn't produce written report of recent examination of athletic department; chancellor saw no need for external report

An examination of KU’s athletic department last year gave Chancellor Douglas Girod confidence that an independent review of the department isn’t needed in the wake of a widening college basketball scandal, Girod said recently. But now questions are emerging about how comprehensive that examination was as KU officials have confirmed the examination that took place last fall produced no written findings or report.

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Zenger doesn't like 'victim' description for KU, expresses complete confidence in Self, staff in wake of college basketball scandal

Count KU basketball coach Bill Self and athletic director Sheahon Zenger among those also not thrilled with the description of the University of Kansas as a "victim" in the widening college basketball scandal.

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Chancellor sees no need for independent investigation of KU Athletics in wake of indictment

University of Kansas Chancellor Douglas Girod said Friday that he doesn’t plan to seek an independent investigation of the Kansas athletics department in the wake of a growing college basketball scandal.

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Chancellor mum on whether independent review of KU Athletics is needed; KU saying little about partnership with Adidas

A spokesman for Kansas Athletics Inc. stopped short Thursday of saying the department would support a third-party, public review of its recruiting practices and policies. University of Kansas Chancellor Douglas Girod has yet to answer a question about whether he thinks an independent review would be appropriate in the wake of a federal indictment that alleges a family member and a guardian of two KU basketball players are involved in a pay-to-play scheme orchestrated by an executive with Adidas, which is a partner of the KU Athletic department.

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Multimillion-dollar KU-Adidas deal remains unsigned as investigation into Adidas executive continues

Kansas Athletics still has not signed its multimillion dollar apparel deal with Adidas, and a spokesman for the school said Tuesday he’s not sure when the deal will be finalized.

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Analysis: Understanding the legal case building against the college basketball world

Monday was a day of confusion around the University of Kansas basketball program. An Associated Press article reported that KU was one of 28 universities that acknowledged it had launched an “internal review” of its recruiting practices following the bombshell announcement last month that federal prosecutors had found evidence of bribery and other illegal schemes related to college basketball recruiting.

Downtown fans try to process 'ridiculously shocking' KU loss in Elite Eight

Moments before tip-off, David Dyer was unequivocal about the Jayhawks’ chances in their Elite Eight contest against the Oregon Ducks. “Ten out of ten,” Dyer said of his confidence level. The Kansas City, Kan. visitor had hardly gotten the words out of his mouth before University of Kansas freshman phenom Josh Jackson got his second foul. It ended up being that type of night in Downtown Lawrence, where any bar with a good set of T.V.s was full, but the downtown all evening was a bit like the Jayhawks — far from electric.

As city increases efforts to attract basketball visitors, Lawrence hasn't hosted state championships since 1987

There’s no question Lawrence is making its bid to become the basketball capital of Kansas and beyond, Lawrence hasn’t hosted a state high school basketball championship since 1987. By Chad Lawhorn

Lawhorn's Lawrence: When a national championship is just the beginning

Hard to believe, but it has been 25 years since that magical KU season of 1988. One thing hasn't changed. Chris Piper still can legitimately chant "We're No. 1," although it will sound a bit different these days. By Chad Lawhorn

City to add more buses to keep up with demand for downtown gameday shuttle service

Quite a few people who relied on the shuttle service from downtown to Memorial Stadium were late for Saturday's season-opening contest, as ridership spiked with the opening of the city's new parking garage near Seventh and Vermont streets. By Chad Lawhorn

Attorney questions city's authority to issue no-bid contract for Rock Chalk Park

The city is breaking its own law by allowing a more than $12 million, no-bid construction contract for infrastructure at Rock Chalk Park, a local attorney specializing in construction law said today. By Chad Lawhorn

Cost estimates for Rock Chalk Park infrastructure come in about $3 million higher than expected; Self's foundation to make $2 million donation

Cost estimates for roads, sewers and infrastructure at the Rock Chalk Park facility in northwest Lawrence have come in nearly $3 million above what the city estimated, but Bill Self’s Assists Foundation has agreed to make a $2 million donation to partially offset some of the overage.

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City approves development agreement, tax abatement for $25M Rock Chalk Park recreation center

Lawrence city commissioners gave final approval Tuesday night to a development agreement that allows the $25 million Rock Chalk recreation center project to move forward. They also approved an ordinance that will give the larger Rock Chalk Park project, which includes privately owned athletic facilities to be used by Kansas University, a 100 percent property tax abatement for the next 10 years. By Chad Lawhorn

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City gives preliminary approval to development agreement for $25M recreation center

Talk may soon start turning to action on a proposed $25 million, city-owned recreation center. Lawrence city commissioners on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to a development agreement that could allow construction on the center to begin by late April. By Chad Lawhorn

Details emerge about agreements between Fritzel entity and KU on Rock Chalk Park project

An entity controlled by Thomas Fritzel will be the exclusive provider of all concessions on the Kansas University portions of the proposed Rock Chalk Park project, according to documents released Tuesday. By Chad Lawhorn