Baylor trivia questions

Which NFL Hall of Famer played his college football at Baylor?
A. Mike Ditka
B. Mike Singletary
C. Jim Brown
D. Y.A. Tittle

What is the Baylor football team’s all-time record in bowl games?
A. 8-8
B. 10-6
C. 12-4
D. 14-2

Baylor has won national championships in what two sports?
A. Men’s basketball and women’s soccer
B. Women’s basketball and men’s tennis
C. Men’s track and field and women’s track and field
D. Women’s track and field and football

Baylor’s official mascot is a …
A. Polar bear
B. Brown bear
C. American black bear
D. Grizzly bear

Baylor’s men’s basketball team reached the Final Four in what two seasons?
A. 1938 and 1942
B. 1948 and 1950
C. 1976 and 1980
D. 1986 and 1989

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