Internal-to-Hosted Port Issues

Please submit any issue you find related to the Internal-to-Hosted Port. The more information you include, the faster we can diagnose and fix the problem. Include URLs, expected behavior, and screenshots when it makes sense.

Known Issues

  • Prerolls are not playing on LJ. This causes videos to not play. It will be resolved when we are on a new database.
  • Comment counts for some content may be wrong. That is known and will be addressed.
  • Oembed is not working in all cases. For example, the lead photo shows up only as a link, like here, instead of as it should. This will be fixed by the launch script.
  • Some ads positions are erroring. Rather than showing the ad they show some source code. We are looking into the issue.
  • Favoriting is still being worked on. You may receive an error when trying to favorite a piece of content.
  • The test sites are a little slow. This will be resolved when we go live with them.
  • Search is still being worked on. The amount of content we have to search is really large, and so getting a search index setup takes time. That is planned and will be ready before launch.


  • Clicking on items on the LJ homepage can take you off the test site. When clicking on items on the LJ homepage, you may be redirected to a live site. This is not a bug, but something that we could not feasibly workaround for testing. If you do try out the LJ homepage, just check your address bar to be sure you are still on a domain.
  • Data you enter on the testing site may disappear over night. We will ocassionally update the database (copy the real one and run some migrations) as we make more fixes. This means that if you test adding a story or a comment, it may disappear the next day.
  • Sending emails will work, but you will not see the result — i.e., submitting a form or sending an email in some way should succeed, but no emails are actually sent out. This is because we don’t want to accidentally send out an alert or email edition with links to the testing sites. (We capture the emails and store them on the server, so we can look at and debug them if necessary.)
  • Pages that show today’s content may be empty. This is because we copy the real database, make some changes to it, and run the sites off of that. Since new content is not being added, like on the live sites, pages that show stuff new from today are empty after the first day the database is made.
  • Sunflower Horizons is not staged for testing. The site and its data will be ported, but because the site is no longer published, and will eventually be shut down, it is not undergoing the rigorous testing that the other sites are.
  • Marketplace is at its own URL. Normally Marketplace is found at /marketplace/. However, for technical reasons, this is not how the sites are staged up right now. Marketplace can be found at This will be corrected before the port work is launched.