Which performance were you more pleased with in the KU-Iowa State game?

Cole Aldrich: 19 points, 8-for-11 shooting, 11 rebounds, 3 blocks, steal, 31 minutes 56% 1353 votes

Jeff Withey: 8 points, 5 rebounds, block, turnover, 12 minutes 41% 991 votes

Undecided 1% 36 votes

2380 total votes


MrPilot 10 years ago

I loved seeing Withey out there making some good plays, he really needs the experience. But, I give the edge to Cole in this one because he needed a breakout game to get back in stride. Awesome, awesome effort today.

murph 10 years ago

I'm giving the nod to Cole because he is so incredibly valuable to this team, and has been for his whole career. Who could possibly forget what he did to POY Tyler Hansbrough when Cole was just a freshman? He's taking an undeserved bashing from some ignorant people recently. Perhaps they'll have to hush for a few days, at least.

Meanwhile, no one could help being delighted with having Jeff on the team, and with a very nice performance from him today.

Joe Baker 10 years ago

Why would we be impressed with Cole's play? This is expected. We haven't seen Withey. We all knew it was a matter of time before Cole got back on track. This game may just be the beginning of the rest of his season.

I want to see more of Withey. I'm eager to watch him for longer periods of time, not just 2-3 mins a series. I'd like to see him play about 10 mins each half or more. I want to see what he can really do now that he's 100%.

yates33333 10 years ago

Mr. Pilot says it all. Too bad you couldn't vote for both of them.

dukehester 10 years ago

would have been nice to see some D from X and a little scoring.....(rats!!) when will he get with the team?!?!?!

kschoenhofer 10 years ago

giving the nod to withey. liked what he did today, like to see more of it

Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

Murph, What does ignorance mean to you, to me it means not knowing. I know what Cole is capable of and the performance today is what he is capable of man. So the bashing of Cole has been justified because he has not been playing up to his potential. I hope and know he is back on track where he should be. So really if you did not know what his potential was from last year to now you are the ignorant one my freind. GO COLE

Kye Clark 10 years ago

Easily Cole. If the question would have been regarding the more surprising performance you give the vote to Withey, he pretty much came out of no where. However, I was definitely more pleased with Cole's performance. He's the guy they have to have elevate his game if the season is to be as special as we all think it can be. He's been in a slump, and it was definitely a concern if we were going to see him truly snap out of it. Matching a season high 19 points, playing over 30 minutes, being more active out there, that was definitely more pleasing. Given Withey's role to this point, anything we get from him is just a bonus.

As to the issue of criticizing Cole's play, we all we're hoping for more from him this year. However, none of us can know how tough this season has been on him. The high expectations that come with being a preseason All-American, the month long battle with bronchitis, the situation with his grandmother weighing on him, all while trying to both help this team and setting goals for himself to be an academic All-American as well. I think it's natural to have been a little disappointed in his play up to this point, but any "bashing" of the kid is uncalled for. As HCBS has said, he's a stud for how he's handled adversity this year.

Carl O'Hair 10 years ago

I voted for Withey for what I think is good reason. He was supposed to be the replacement for Cole to rest and for those games, too many of them this year, when he got his second foul too soon. Now we have one near his size who can replace him leaving Markieff to give Marcus some rest and Thomas to go either way.

I really liked seeing Cole and Jeff on the floor at the same time since that takes the lane away from the other team. Of course, that can't be often because Marcus has been playing so well but it can happen now and then and will make it tough on the other teams.

Cole had a great game but Jeff proved to me that he can play at that level and I think he will be on the floor much more from now on. 5 bigs that can play is looking very good for the rest of the season, to me.

Blake Brown 10 years ago

it was surprising to see Jeff getting so many early, quality minutes and even more so to see what he did and can do. He can be a valuable asset from here on out, especially when foul trouble or injury issues come into play. Self experimented with new combinations yesterday and there may be some more tweaking in the next few games before all the cards are in place. We have a lot of pieces to play with. Cole has been short of terrible on the offensive end not counting his screens and space he takes up in the middle. He has put up many shots that were not even close and there from short range. Even his FT shooting is down this year; so, it was great to see him make a few. If he can be that kind of offensive force consistently, were looking good because that opens up the outside shots and with X rediscovering his stroke, we`re really tough offensively. I voted for both.

Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

Ralster, Thank you for the kind words. I am sure if not positive you where doing as much or more bashing of Eric Chenowith when he was not performing to his capabilities. Also I havr freinds who know Cole very well and they told me he knew he was not playing up to his capabilities and he was as hard as I was being if not harder on himself. I am a fan I can call a player out for not playing as they should my freind. That will not have to happen any more though cause Cole is back and so is my man crush on him. I love the guy.

duanep5ku 10 years ago

I have to vote Jeff simply because Cole's game comes as no surprise to me. I know what he can do in a game. I was shocked to see Jeff in the game and apparently so was he. So Jeff game against ISU will probably prove to be better in the long run for Kansas,If the coach is confident to give him more minutes that could be huge for KU in the long run. I think other teams know about Cole's game enough to bother it sometimes, but if you can get another big in the game with Cole that will be a huge problem. So Jeff wins my vote on this pole because as I mentioned if he won minutes in this game from HCBS Kansas just got better. A huge week for KU and this week will give us more info on this team overall So go KU

Scott MacWilliams 10 years ago

Well, I had to go with Jeff. To me it felt like Cole's arrival against Tyler Hornblow in the UNC mashup. Not taking anything away from Cole, I feel like he's just getting back to his full physical and mental awareness, after all he's been dealing with the last few months. Looks to me like Cole's ready to rock from here on out, and Jeff has shown he's ready to step in at any time. I also thought it was AWESOME to see the two of them in there at the same time. Could ISU even see the basket??? ROCK CHALK!!!

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