How would you grade KU's performance against Baylor's zone defense in the Jayhawks' victory Wednesday?

A 11% 376 votes

B 53% 1766 votes

C 27% 900 votes

D 5% 180 votes

F 1% 46 votes

Undecided 0% 20 votes

3288 total votes


drpeternate 10 years ago

While they may only have one loss, this team is nowhere near the sum of their individual parts. I trust that Self will mold them into a team before March, but if not we're in trouble. Offensively against Baylor, we looked good. Actually missed a bunch of close shots after breaking down their zone - it could have been better. Defensively, we have a LONG way to go. The big fella needs to find his form...

Christopher Hauser 10 years ago


We had fifteen steals against a quality team who was shooting lights out from the three point line. We did not play horrible (with the exception of slip screens in the first half and a few open looks) on the defensive end, they just made shots. I am a little concerned that we turned them over a ton but really had little to show for it and that is a credit to Baylor getting back on defense quickly and stopping our transition game. What I refuse to fault in this game was our teams effort and I thought we played extremely hard.

rges 10 years ago

When the game is on the line Coach Self continues to leave Tyshawn in the game! Tyshawn might have played great at the start-middle of the season but who doesnt play good against Alcorn St honestly? If he still does not know this role on this team it should be behind Brady, Tyrel, Sherron, and what ive seen in bits and pieces Elijah. A struggling Cole Aldrich is till a top 5 center in the country. And with Marcus, Markieff, and T-Rob they should not be settling for contested 3 pointers. I guess we can all come on here and be mad but at least we as fans arent in the position of Duke who cant win on the road, UNC who simply cant win right now

kennetha 10 years ago

still need cole to contribute more --- good job collins.... ken

Armen Kurdian 10 years ago

Cole has a giant target on his's good to see that Marcus has picked up his game as players zone in on Aldrich. I actually thought we played pretty well against Baylor, they just made a lot of shots and never quit. We're finding a way to win each week.

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