Following KU's 71-66 win over Cornell, do you think that was Sherron Collins' best game as a Jayhawk?

Yes 68% 1851 votes

No 24% 656 votes

Undecided 6% 176 votes

2683 total votes


Scott Smetana 10 years ago

He has had several other big games in much bigger situations.

How about in the Tourney last year? N. Dakota was a close game. Thanks Sherron. I also remember him going nuts once at KSU. Even though he didn't have the points, his moments in the Championship against Memphis were Gigantic
.... just my opinion. No doubt we found out who our go to guy still is. That's why games like this are huge.

b_asinbeer 10 years ago

I said yes, but only with the OU game last year coming in a close second.

waywardJay 10 years ago

This game could have haunted us. Sherron said No. So I say Yes.

justify4me 10 years ago

Yes, this was Sherron Collins best game of failing to be a team player. That is the problem with this team...too many individuals not willing to play TOGETHER as a team.

chalmers2wright 10 years ago

"this was Sherron Collins best game of failing to be a team player."

Yea how dare he put us on his back when everyone else was struggling and will us to a 51st straight home court win. He should have kept passing to all his teammates that couldn't buy a bucket tonight. That way we could've lost by like 20. Selfish...

Jeff Schartz 10 years ago

How about the national title game where he saved the ball from going out-of-bounds at the end, and then made a HUGE three on that same possession? Then a few seconds later with the big assist to Mario? That game was Giant for Sherron.

yates33333 10 years ago

I said yes, but where would we be in most games without this guy?????? Ans., Up that nasty creek without a paddle. He has made remarkable progress from his often out of control Freshman year until today. Reminds me of a better shooting, shorter Darnell Valentine.

rggeiger 10 years ago

This is more than just Sherron, I've always said great teams find a way to win. The last Championship team was a great team. This team probably has more talent than that team did, but that team had heart. I think they are starting to show that they are a great team as well. I think it is great to have some adversity this early in the season. There will be plenty of adversity in the tournament when every win counts.

Joe Baker 10 years ago

Right now this was one of his best games. He is a true leader and displayed some qualities during this game. He'll have a few more before the season's end.

Great job Sherron!


loudog 10 years ago

I still think his best game was the NC game. No way we win that game without the clutch 3 from the corner (after a steal, wasn't it?), and the dribble through traffic to get the ball to Mario for "the shot."

Greg Lux 10 years ago

Sherrons steal and subsequent 3 point shot in the National Championship game will be tough to beat .. Yes Mario had the tying shot the Sherrons play before that point was KEY to our win. He also setup Mario for the highlight reel.. But this game was Sherrons best start to finish game.

KUFan90 10 years ago

Agree loudog. Great game last night, but when he was so critical to us winning the NC game, hard to put any other game above that one. Mario hit "the shot", but absolutely no way we win that game without Sherron's miracle plays as well.

LAJayhawk 10 years ago

Um... National Championship game?? Steal and Three?? One of the biggest assists in the history of our illustrious University??

Sherron Collins was absolutely amazing last night. But without him, no 2008 banner hangs in Allen Fieldhouse. We lose last night, we are disappointed and continue the season. He doesn't do what he did in San Antonio, we aren't National Champions.

Argument over.

ChicagoJHawk 10 years ago


You said, "Yes, this was Sherron Collins best game of failing to be a team player. That is the problem with this team...too many individuals not willing to play together as a team."

Did you even watch the game??? Did you not notice any point (like maybe the entire game) that nobody else on the team could make any shots?? I actually wonder if you've ever watched a KU game. We do play as a team. We pass the ball around and play more unselfishly than any other team in the country.

Last night, not only could we not shoot, but we were missing layups, dunks & free throws. Sherron was the only one that could score so we let him take over. Even Bill Self said, "It’s, ‘Get the ball to No. 4 and get out of his way.’ We were trying to open up a lane" and "He was fabulous and put us on his back." and "I told our guys after the game that two things won us the game: Sherron and the crowd."

What do you think we should have done, continue to do what's not working - pass the ball around and keep missing?

justanotherfan 10 years ago

This was Sherron's best overall game.

He has made bigger plays before (steal and 3, assist in title game).

He has been clutch (Dagger after dagger last year at OU, along with many others).

But last night, start to finish, was Sherron doing what it took to win.

Two point shooting last night was as follows:

Collins - 7-11 Aldrich - 4-8 Henry - 0-8 Mk. Morris - 0-3 Mc. Morris - 0-3 Taylor - 0-1

FT shooting last night

Collins - 13-14 Aldrich - 5-6 Henry - 5-9 Mk. Morris - 4-4 Mc. Morris - 1-2 Taylor - 0-1

Collins accounted for almost two thirds of our 2 pt FG's, and nearly half of our made FTs. And he did all of that, while still assisting on Cole's last jump hook and Tyrel's big three from the corner. He dominated the entire game offensively, and still assisted on the two biggest buckets he didn't personally score. That's what a point guard does - make sure the team is scoring. If no one else is, Sherron can, and last night, he did.

All streaks remain intact.

dtownhawkfan 10 years ago


Please don't ever comment on anything ever again. All year they have played as a team and Sherron takes over a game when most everyone is having sub-par performances you make that comment? Remove yourself from the site. I guess you would rather be 13-1 today since you are complaining.

Jcjayhawk1 10 years ago

His best game was the national championship. His in bounds steal and his assist to Mario were just as important as “the shot”. Mario can make 3's all day long. Getting Mario the ball…..that was a miracle.

“Anyway, I opine that Collins is, hands down, the best collegiate player of the Self era.”-jonas_opines

Well said. I'd even go a bit further. Sherron is the best point guard in the nation

bradynsdad 10 years ago

i agree one hundred percent with justanotherfan sherron has made bigger plays but the question asked was it his best game and it was with last years oklahoma game a very close second.

kufaninmo 10 years ago

i said yes, but my close second is actually the championship game. most people only remember Mario's Miracle, but it was Sherron who got us within reach scoring back to back 3's in the closing minutes! damn he's good...

Vic Janeway 10 years ago

He screwed up more in the NC game. This game he had a lot more control and determination!

Brian Powell 10 years ago

y'all are confused.

Best 'game'? Yes My favorite game? the OU shots MVPlay? the title game

Robert Lofthouse 10 years ago

what's even better to think about is that he doesn't look like he's satisfied with his accomplishments -- HE'S NOT DONE -- there will be more exciting Sherron Collins video to watch in the coming months!!

rges 10 years ago

amazing game yes... but last year against North Dakota??? or the huge shots last year when they played oklahoma at oklahoma... i dont think it is possible to pick just one because he has played such a huge role in just about every game hes played.

Ryan Leary 10 years ago

NO! What about OU last year? or North Dakota State in the tourney??

kusayzone 10 years ago

And so when the other team shuts down Sherron and the rest of the team has been watching and waiting for the ball, but it doesnt come..... Check the records.... there was a game earlier this year if you remember when Collins was 2-11 and the rest of the team carried him! Especially the Twins. Kevin Duran could score his 25+ but did that always give his team the win. Be careful what you wish for!

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