Whose offensive game were you more pleased with following the Jayhawks' 94-74 victory over Colorado?

Cole Aldrich (17 points, 6-for-8 shooting, four offensive rebounds, no turnovers) 28% 587 votes

Tyshawn Taylor (17 points, 6-for-7 shooting, six assists, three turnovers) 69% 1432 votes

Undecided 2% 50 votes

2069 total votes


Dirk Medema 11 years ago

Cole definitely takes the D-game award, but TT gets the O, tho X has an argument for it as well.

Jeff Schartz 11 years ago

OK, Dagger, I don't know if you are aware of it, but you subliminally spelled out "D-TTOX". What are you really trying to say?

Back on subject-- If TT brings his A-game every time, we are definitely representative of the #1 ranking. Too many close games, and I start to wonder if we really deserve it.

David Howell 11 years ago

Sorry, but NO "X" for me this past game. I am glad to see he is improving his offensive game, but he has rarely done it against top 25 to 50 ranked caliber teams .......... Taylor was the key and should be down the stretch too. He will have his miscues, but so does everyone else.

Colorado was another cupcake game for the Hawks !

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