What is KU's toughest game left on the schedule?

at Oklahoma State 11% 532 votes

vs. Kansas State 55% 2497 votes

at Missouri 30% 1379 votes

Undecided 1% 66 votes

4474 total votes


Ted Toulouse 10 years ago

It will be easy to be up for K-State because 1) it's at home, 2) it's senior night and 3) they are a top 10, maybe top 5 team. Those factors make you sit up and pay attention to details.

Despite the intense rivalry, the team could mentally relax a bit against MU along with it being in their house. it will be interesting to see this team's focus for that game.

bleedblue 10 years ago

too bad X went to ku. looks like another year in school 'cause he doesn't look close to being an factor in the nba.

eway12 10 years ago

bleedblue, That's a great point. Some extra college education is a disastrous thing for a young man. I bet if Xavier keeps learning under HCBS and continues his education at KU it would ruin the rest of his life. Tossing a 19 year old into the hands of smooth-talking agents and sponsors, on the other hand, is a sure fire way to live a great life and accomplish great things.

Dirk Medema 10 years ago

ttoulouse - Add to that it will be their Sr Night, and they could possibly be the spoilers on #2,000. They'll be plenty motivated.

At OSU, we have the added incentive of finishing the job. Coach Self won't let them forget that they are still sharing the trophy.

Dirk Medema 10 years ago

bleedblue, How is progress coming on the investigation into the impossible increase in Wall's test score? Memphis says the good news is you can at least hold onto your wins for most of the next year.

UK - The first team to win 2,000 games - twice. You can join IU in the recovery program, "How could we possibly have bought into the obviously sleeze bag coach?"

kujayhawk72 10 years ago

What a knothead...I like that word....College educated young men with the possibility of something to fall back on if the NBA doesn't last forever is a terrible thing to have on your resume'. I do believe X is at least a year away, coming back for more education and to learn basketball from a guy who can TEACH it isn't the end of the world. Unlike Cal, who his players don't even listen to according to Mr. Wall, ask Cole how much being an Academic All American is going to cost him in $$$. You are an Einstein bleedblue...

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

In my opinion, the Jayhawks will not lose on Senior Night---sorry, K-State fans---ain't gonna happen. The Mizzou game is an afternoon game and KU will have the chance to win 2000 games in Tiger Land---that's if, they can somehow win in Stillwater on Saturday. This is why the OSU game will be the toughest, especially mentally for KU. BTW, the last time we lost--the only time we lost this year--was on CBS. The O-State game is on CBS.

drl20 10 years ago

Off the subject but does anyone know what happened to Tyrone Appleton? I thought he transferred to Southwest Baptist but he is not listed on their roster.

Christopher Hauser 10 years ago

drl20- I think he had an injury that cost him the season and he has actually been in Lawrence all year if my memory serves me right, could be wrong though.

JHWK 10 years ago

We shouldn't kid ourselves: these are the three toughest games we've ended the season with in a long time. If history repeats itself (and I hope it does!) two years ago we went to Stillwater and lost. Then we NEVER LOST AGAIN! Pretty sweet wakeup call, that was!

But, K-State will come in very focused. We will be full of emotion. Sherron's last game at home will be very tough for Jayhawk nation, HCBS and every player on the court. Do I hope we do what is our pedigree: win for the seniors with authority?! Of course. But this could be a very tough night.

Then Mizzou ALWAYS plays us tough in their house. I do believe if our bigs are on, they are doomed. 40 minutes of SMELL is playing in Columbia.

Rock Chalk!

kesmithstl1 9 years, 12 months ago

MU just got a little easier. Safford possibly tore his ACL last night vs. Colorado. It will still be tough playing at their place with their classy fans (my family included).

chanutejayhawk 9 years, 12 months ago

Jeff Guiot, head coach of Southwest Baptist, is from my hometown. I saw him at a wedding in the fall, and he said Appleton is off the team because of an attitude problem.

rockchalk10jk 9 years, 12 months ago

dagger, I was wondering where the information is on john walls SAT increase. Ive heard it before and I wanted to see for myself where it was. I am not defending him. I would not mind for some dirt to be kicked up at kentucky this soon.

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