Which of the KU football team's losses was the most frustrating to watch?

Colorado 35% 888 votes

Oklahoma 1% 46 votes

Texas Tech 4% 120 votes

Kansas State 31% 791 votes

Nebraska 21% 552 votes

Undecided 5% 128 votes

2525 total votes


1977kufan 12 years ago

It is indeed a shame that you did not include the typical "all of the above" as a selection. That would have been the best answer.

gongs4ku 12 years ago

At the CU game, it was still possible to make adjustments; it could have been a fluke. When Texas Tech happened, you had to realize this team had serious, serious problems from which it probably wouldn't recover.

kansasfb 12 years ago

K-State was tough loss...thought we might get back on track there!! All losses were bad after we started off so great!!! This should have been "The" year!!! What a disappointing end of the season! The talent was there! If someone is playing with an injury, they are being very selfish!! That person (#5) has cost KU the Big 12 North, a winning season, and a bowl game!!! I feel really bad for the seniors who really put their heart and soul into the games and unselfishly did what was necessary for the good of the KU team..yes, I am talking about Kerry Meier.

Phoggin_Loud 12 years ago

The CU game was ridiculous. The turnovers, dropped passes, ahhhh..I still git pissed thinking about it. It ended and started the "streak". 5 up; 5 down. Painful.

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