Ranking KU's defensive position groups, plus daring predictions for KU's defensive MVP in 2012


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Jim Stauffer 6 years, 1 month ago

When you look at both the D-Line and LB's we are counting on potential. It seems to me there is more hope for the D-Line than LB's.

Huldon Tharp is the only guy who has done it beyond high school. Now the D-Line at least has 3 guys (McKinney, Tavai and Stowers) who have done it at the Juco level.

If I were to wager I would put my money on the D-Line being better than the LB's.

By the way, when the D-Line gets a good rush on the QB and the CB's then are able to cover or break up passes, which unit gets the credit for being the best unit in that scenario? In other words, which comes first, good coverage or good pass rush?

KGphoto 6 years, 1 month ago

Huldon Tharp is going to re-breakout this year, but Darius Willis played a lot last year, Bakare played some, and Notre Dame transfer Anthony McDonald has 28 games of big time D1 experience under his belt, so Tharp isn't the only one beyond high school.

With Schyler Miles, Huldon Tharp, Anthony McDonald, Darius Willis, Tunde Bakare and two hybrid LB/DE guys in Opurum and Reynolds, I'm expecting the competition to be pretty strong at LB. That's not a bad two-deep right there.

KGphoto 6 years, 1 month ago

Put me down for Bradley McDougald. KU's defensive player of the year.

Lubbock Smith, surprise of the year.

Campo coaches the whole secondary, but it seems like he usually has a safety running the show.

He coached Bennie Blades to a Thorpe Award at Miami, and turned 2nd round pick Darren Woodson into a 5 time pro-bowler, 11 year starter, and leader of a great Cowboy defense. Then had Roy Williams in line to grab the torch and run, which he did, even though Campo was fired.

The only defense he was a part of that didn't sport a vaunted safety was under head coach Wade Phillips, the defensive guru and player favorite who never seemed to be able to run the whole team. Campo really didn't belong in the Cowboys' system with Phillips and Garrett, and never had a chance to put his stamp on the defense during those years.

Now though, McDougald is next line for Campo. I think he might even get some Thorpe Award mentions at some point during the year.

Randy Bombardier 6 years, 1 month ago

D-line is the weakness until proven otherwise.

workhorse1 6 years, 1 month ago

my prediction, H. GreG Brown to be the defensive mvp. He got the lockdown Brown name from his high school head coach(Joey McGuire) of the Texas high school state champs 2006 Cedar Hill Longhorns.Greg would never have named himself that. But print this, the defense will be the best we have had in about 5 years, and you can moniker it the G-hawklock defense.

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