Jonathan Allison 13 years, 6 months ago

I watched the first half of the Tennessee game. It looked to me like they weren't up against someone that they couldn't beat. Both teams played very well in the first half. Memphis who to that point was not a good outside shooting team was shooting very well from the outside. Of course Tennessee was also hot from the outside. At halftime it was definitely anybody's game, but I didn't see how they responded in the second half when they were down late.

Jonathan Allison 13 years, 6 months ago

I don't listen at work... so this will probably be the only time I listen to this onesorry guys.I don't know why you would pick against KU right now. My thought for picking KU to win it all from the beginning was that I didn't want to be the only KU fan who didn't pick KU in the year that KU FINALLY won it all...I think this game will be a little lower scoring than everyone is saying. I'm thinking KU 71, Memphis 67These teams are gonna wear eachother out. It will be a hard fought game. I'm looking forward to seeing whether or not Robinson can make it hard for Rose to get to the hoop. Obviously Westbrook couldn't stop him.

Marcia Parsons 13 years, 6 months ago

The only trouble with that cocky confidence is that if the other team suddenly seems to be able to play even or better than you, does the confidence fall apart? What happened to them in the Tennessee game? I didn't see it or read about it, but they obviously had to realize they had come up against someone they couldn't beat. Did they fall apart?

Aaron Gaddis 13 years, 6 months ago

If KU hits more than 10 threes they win.KU 68UM 62

d_prowess 13 years, 6 months ago

I need some Romary and Davey 2 Sticks with my spodcasters! The Ryans are good, but the four of you together are hilarious!

rgreene 13 years, 6 months ago

All four of us will be huddled around the mic tonight ...

97jhawk 13 years, 6 months ago

FYI, we can hear Greene's runny nose. The mic picks up everything....hahaha. It's nasty dude...nasty.

chitownjhawk 13 years, 6 months ago

Yep - I've now listened to this twice...I'm sure a third time will be happening in the next few hours.

rgreene 13 years, 6 months ago

97,Sorry about the runny nose. No cough button is available when you're recording it into a handheld. Apologies. Though, in case you were wondering, the nose woes are gone today. I hope not to gross you out again tonight on the postgame Spod.chitown,The more the merrier!

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