missKU 11 years ago

I think the idea for a spodcast with Gary teaching everyone how to play craps is not a good one.

Spoadcasts is for sports not learning how to gamble.

justdoit23 11 years ago


what the hell Romary!!

Lol. Lmao.....

DCHawk 11 years ago

Get the rookie to sit closer - we couldn't hear anything he said. Is it just me or does Darnell look timid still? I thought another year and the starting role would bring out the beast in him but he still seems apprehensive.

KUFan90 11 years ago

Agree on sitting closer...couldn't hear most of what Ryan Greene was saying...did his mic go out? Otherwise, keep up the great work guys!

Ray Winger 11 years ago

Please .....fix the various spodcasters volume is a distraction! Please ....give some time to the offensive's components, future. Remember the freshman quarterback isn't doing it on his/their own, Cornish isn't doing it on his own! Think about it...thanks.

rgreene 11 years ago

Whoops, sorry about that, guys. I think what happened was I took my mic off of the stand so I could sit back a little bit and it messed something up. Guess I can't do that anymore.

memhawk86 11 years ago

UCONN won the Maui Invitational last year.

Ray March 11 years ago

yeah, ryan....get closer to the mic. i'll crank the volume up when you're talking.... then keegan or someone else booms in and blows out my speakers. :) ps: i cracked up for both of keeg's "crapper" jokes.

Ray March 11 years ago

i also thought it was entertaining when the guys kept riffing when greene was trying to get them to focus on the FL game.

....let 'em go on a few tangents. it's funny.

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