Michael Foulston 13 years ago

Continued great job on the spodcasts, but can you A.) please ease up on the nicknames, the 1+3 method is getting a little tired; and B.) ease up on the lingo. It makes you sound like a bunch of dorks trying to relive your youths. On to the hoop shiznit, peeps.

Mr Keegan - Maybe it's different in New York. I attended four years worth of games in AFH, and watched darn near every game since on tv. I saw innumerable walk-ons come in late in blowouts. KU fans cheer for their walk-ons as hard as we cheer for our regulars. And I can't tell you the number of times I laughed (or screamed) at BJ Williams or Nick Bradford (on tv, but hey,) when they did something more representative of a guy who isn't getting much playing time. But we laugh because we love, and we cheer and cry and care, because we love.

That's an interesting take on the Sagarin ratings, but statistics and number crunching don't tell it all, and I think you really had it right a couple of spodcasts ago; put this KU team on a neutral court against anyone, and which teams do you think are likely to beat them? I think not too many. When we start talking hypotheticals, who can we beat, I think the answer is we can beat anyone. Redick has an off night, we can beat the Dookies. If our defense is enough to bother all but one of Ray/Lowry/Nardi/Foye (and Sheridan doesn't go all UConn on us) we can beat 'Nova. Historically, KU has fared pretty well against teams carried by one player (notable exceptions: this year at Mizzou, '94 tourney vs. Big Dog and Purdue). So I'm less afraid of a Duke or Gonzaga and more afraid of a 'Nova (actually, terrified) or a UConn with multiple proven scoring options. Every one of these can scenarios obviously requires the 'Hawks avoid prolonged scoring droughts as we've had against our Big 12 brethren; we will not survive against a good scoring team in the big dance if we have multiple 3-5 minute stretches without a bucket.

Lastly, the Wichita State Shockers are in the tournament, barring consecutive conference losses to close out the season and tanking in the first round of the MVC tournament. The big difference for them this year is that unlike the other MVC leaders, they didn't lose any games to teams they had no business losing to (read: Indiana State), and against the other 4 NCAA projected MVC teams, they split vs. two, got swept (NIU) and swept (MO St.), and got crocked a couple of times during the non-conference season. They're a lock, and they deserve it, too.

Michael Wichita, KS KU Class of '93

tsweat 13 years ago

Hey Spodcasters,

I absolutely love the show. I wish it could happen more often. I got a few things for you. First, you mentioned Matt Kleinman being a good player and that is so true. I played for the same coach as he did and he is the most fundamentally sound big man KU has. His coach, Donnie Cambell, also coached Matt Freije who made it to the nba. maybe u could have him on a spodcast. But Keegan I got a ? for you. I go to Aquinas H.S. and I was wondering if you have kids and if they go there.

Love the show, Tyler

Jeremy LeMaster 13 years ago

What happened? Where were the opening and closing statements from Romary?

It didn't feel the same.......... Are we blaming this on AndySam being under the weather? Buck up creampuff!

Just kidding, I am looking forward to the next spodcast episode.

Romary 13 years ago

No matter what, we always blame AndySam! It's much better that way.

DCHawk 13 years ago

Guys, love the spod. How can you not include Chalmers on the first team all Big-12 team? He is averaging 11 ppg, 1st in the league in steals, 5th in the league in assists (ahead of Robinson mind you), and 5th in the league in free-throw percentage. He sparks both the defense and offense for the first place team - what more do you want? I'll give you Jackson, Tucker, and Aldridge. It's a toss-up between Rush and Roby - edge to Rush for defense - and Chalmers at the point.

jlmoore9 13 years ago

I think the hawks are going to go all the way this year. It be nice if you guys could compare this team to Syracuse's run in 02. They started 2 freshman, 2 sophomores, and a senior and got better as the year progressed similar to KU.

pitthawker 13 years ago

Keegan, I think some people might still be confused on what you were saying about the Sagarin rankings. Yes, KU is a 6 in their predictor, but you failed to mention that KU's rating is 86.29. This puts them in 17th place. Also, KU has only played one team(OU) in the Sagarin Top 30. If you look at the other top 20 teams on Sagarin, you'll see that they have played an average of 6 teams in the top 30. George Washington is the only team besides KU that has only played one game amongst the Top 30. (they lost) I find this interesting because I dont consider George Washington to be necessarily a sweet 16 team because they have not played anyone. I say this to make this point. KU is doing well...but they still have to prove themselves.

After reading interviews with Robinson and Rush, they arent getting excited about "numbers." The test is Texas. How well KU plays in that game will be the best display of what this team is and can be.

Thanks, Shaun Wright

Jayhawk48162 13 years ago

Ouch... a little harsh on AndySam, there Romary. Now that the Baylor game is done and gone, I have to ask, have any of you EVER seen a team shoot the lights out on the 3-point line and have it mean absolutely NOTHING like it did for Baylor tonight? What do panic threes ever get anyone? 99% of the time, it gets them a bunch of missed threes... but not these Bears. I was, quite simply, shocked that they just kept falling, and I actually started feeling bad for them. Threes don't fall like that when you've given up, and most other teams would have given up when these guys were still shooting. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! for the win, but boy, did Baylor give you something to think about right there at the end.

By the way, speaking as a former Allen Field House regular, for as long as I've known, no one has EVER been laughing at the walk-ons. We knew they were somewhere that we could never be, and we loved to see them get the chance to get out there and get their reward for the hard work they put in at practice, whether it be a "We Want What-ley!", a "Ter-ry Noo-ner!", or any other of the numerous chants that the fans have belted out for the guys down there at the end of the bench, or the crowd going nuts when they get a couple points... I've never seen anything but love for those guys. As has been said in the past, these guys play against one of the best teams in the country every day at practice, so they have to be pretty good. Nothing but love.

Jared Grillot, Monroe, MI Class of '98

Jayhawk48162 13 years ago

By the way, speaking of the "dubbing" conversation, big time shout out to Marty Watson at Watson's barbershop, who is not only from my hometown of Parsons, KS, but was kind enough to pass a couple of tickets on to my mom and sister to tonights game (her 19th birthday, Happy Birthday Jess!), behind the Baylor bench. They got the full on VIP treatment, and had a fantastic time. I know Marty's popular with the guys on the team, and, well, he's popular with the Grillot family too!

Jared Grillot, Monroe, MI Class of '98

drum1984 12 years, 12 months ago

To clarify the Sagarin Ratings:

In ELO CHESS, only winning and losing matters; the score margin is of no consequence, which makes it very "politically correct". However it is less accurate in its predictions for upcoming games than is the PURE POINTS, in which the score margin is the only thing that matters. PURE POINTS is also known as PREDICTOR, BALLANTINE, RHEINGOLD, WHITE OWL and is the best single PREDICTOR of future games. The overall RATING is a synthesis of the two diametrical opposites, ELO CHESS and PURE POINTS (PREDICTOR).


njthomas 12 years, 12 months ago

I'm liking it. I'm liking it a whole lot. CJ has been an interesting player to watch this year. He flashed some promise early on, then sort of faded away. Why? As far as I can tell because outside of shot blocking, his D was atrocious.

I'm starting to think that Giles is pulling a late season Mario Chalmers out of his hat. It's taking longer. He's dealing with more bumps along the way. But he's going from no grace to Ace in nearly record time.

So three hefty cheers for Giles, the big men, the front court, the back court, and anyone else who is calm enough to have a pillow fight on the night before visited the Dreaded Tejas.

TheBiz 12 years, 12 months ago

Have to agree with what was said above. You guys think people care about your opening jokes and intros, etc. No one cares about that stuff- especially the Bedore, Keegan, and Woodling build up... please, can't you just get to the hard discussion?

dsinger 12 years, 12 months ago

That's not true. The intros are great. Hard discussion? What does that even mean? The whole point is to have fun with this. I think there should be theme music, whimsical sound effects, and more Andy Sam bashing. Maybe it's just me.

njthomas 12 years, 12 months ago

Totally agree. The best parts of the show are when I'm laughing hysterically on my headphones and family members start giving me looks.

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