Bill Self: 'This team deserves as much credit as any team I've ever coached'

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Matt Tait 11 months, 2 weeks ago

To each his own. I didn't hear him say a banner's going up, though. Did you?

My biggest takeaway was Self saying, sure it'd be nice, but "that’s not the way this is all intended to be.”

"... that’s not the way it’s drawn up," he said. "If it was done that way in the past, I certainly can understand why. Circumstances were different. And it was done in a way where it was determined to be done that way well in advance as opposed to being an afterthought because of a pandemic that no one has control over.”

“In football, they based it on the completion of the postseason, as well,” Self said. “And this is incomplete.”

I still think it's tacky. No one has to agree.

Dane Pratt 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Coach, you are mistaken. The national champion for much of the history of college football was determined before the bowl game was played. AP didn't declare their champion until after the bowl game until the late 60's and the coaches poll followed suit in the early 70's.

Matt, do you know why there was no AP poll this week? There was a coaches poll.

Matt Tait 11 months, 2 weeks ago

It'll be out today (Wednesday). Not sure what the delay was exactly, but it's coming.

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