Bill Self: KU still has plenty of work to do in pursuit of Big 12 title

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Pius Waldman 3 years, 8 months ago

Interesting comments especially about which players play and how much. This squad has many players that probably have similar talent and ability. As fans we all have our favorites. I also feel Coach Self might be a little more tolerant about player mistakes and substitution immediately. The player that hates to make a mistake because he'll get replaced probably will be less aggressive. No player wants to make a mistake so give him a little encouragement when he does make a mistake. Coach sounded happy about the success this season mainly because of better overall competition.

Humpy Helsel 3 years, 8 months ago

Interesting your comments about the mistakes and being pulled. I actually think his pattern on this has been consistent over the years. For freshmen and young players early in the season, he does seem to have a shorter leash and pulls them quicker when they make mistakes. I think that is as much about getting them to play Kansas basketball rather than high school "I'm a star" as much as anything. As players become more experienced and older, and as the season wears on, he seems to be more tolerant of letting players play through mistakes. (see Kelly Oubre, Jr.) There are exceptions to that, and I think we still see a short leash on Brannen and Svi. But at the same time, when both players get their minutes, he is looking at no drop off at worst, and positive contribution at best, and not just from a scoring perspective. He wants good defense, moving the ball with good passes, rebounding and avoidance stupid fouls and turnovers. Both of those players have made significant progress in the above areas, but still have some inconsistencies to their overall play. You can see him letting Brannen, Svi, and Cheik, and Carlton get minutes and experience in the first half, and then the veterans play out much of the 2nd half. I think he knows he is going to need all four of those guys at some point going forward for a deep run. Matchups, firepower, rebounding, fouls to inflict, foul trouble with our starters, etc. It will be fun to watch. How many times have we seen a player emerge during the "3rd season?"

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