David Beaty 'embarrassed' by KU's winless season

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Stan Anderson 4 years, 2 months ago

Very disappointing season. Coach mentions one of the biggest goals is to be smartest team in the conference. That starts with getting some high athletic IQ kids identified (or recruited) and trained to play. We likely have these high IQ kids on the roster with raw athletic talent. I don't think the coaching staff were committed (or plan to commit) to getting them trained. Coaches gave up on these kids, demonstrated by the lack of kids suited up for the games. It was clearly not one team based on how slim the sideline looked.

We can't just recruit talent and forget the need for athletes with the IQ to understand how to play D1 ball (which means they could be successful in the classroom). We made lots of bonehead plays this year. Which screams developing/recruiting some high athletic IQ kids (with athletic talent) and giving them a chance. Stop playing kids because of popularity (because they are popular at college parties, or at their high school, or have the extra ability to suck up to their position coaches, or their recruiting ranking) and find the ones with the heart to play the game right. It's getting old to hear during Saturday games about KU athletes unable to play due to team violations. It's a waste of a position that should be provided athletes who can play the position and smart enough to uphold the standards of a student athlete.

I also hope during the offseason that Coach Beaty reviews the roster and changes some of the positions played by the athletes to better match their build and talent. For example I see some kids with potential to be good as linebackers, running backs, or fullbacks. On the roster they seem to be in the wrong position. Switch some players, what does KU have to lose ....get a win by accident?

Another comments - What happened to Coach Jackson's goal to suit up 100 players? If the kids are not responding well to his training (and motivational techniques) and are not ready to suit up. Its time to get a new strength coach (and staff).

Jeremy D. Morris 4 years, 2 months ago

I get the frustration and can't tolerate the losing myself either; but, honestly, I don't know what you can expect from the coaches at this stage of their tenure. This will be their first full year of recruiting so we don't know how that is going to look yet.

Also, you talk about wanting high IQ players who have their head on straight and want to work hard. But, later you state that Coach Jackson should go if his training isn't doing it's job in getting 100 guys ready to hit the field. First off, you can get a lot of walk-ons in a program but when the strength and conditioning gets tough (which it is with Jackson) then you are going to lose a big chunk of those guys. Secondly, you can only make so many gains in one year. Two of the guys that started on the OL hadn't even had a year of college S&C behind them, yet still managed to be better than they players that were here before Beaty arrived. That should tell you how bare the cupboards are.

It'll take time. No more knee-jerk reactions. Push for excellence and hard work and look for slow steady progress.

Mike George 4 years, 2 months ago

The coach(es) should be embarrassed and some should be expecting a pink slip. If the coaches do not know how to recruit and teach to win, they should be replaced. Another year of ridiculous.

Jeremy D. Morris 4 years, 2 months ago

Do you honestly think firing this staff after one year on the job could be a good thing? Who in their right mind would come to KU when the admin doesn't give them a chance to build a program?

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