Bill Self looking for consistency out of his mercurial Jayhawks

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John Randall 6 years, 1 month ago

A lot of the inconsistency and lapses in focus can be attributed to playing without a single senior. There just isn't anyone to apply the steady hand when it's called for, though everyone in the rotation is stepping outside the bounds of Self-ball less often and not for such long stretches as earlier in the season.

These guys seem very cohesive in spite of their youth, and that is a big help in continuing the growth we are all so encouraged by. While each game follows the familiar eight man rotation, it isn't always the same eight, for whatever reason, and the eleven-deep roster can bring what's needed when called upon, so an off night for one or two can pretty well be absorbed without too great a drop off in production.

This is the type of team with no guarantee, but potential to rip off a 4-,5-,6-game win streak come mid-march, and wouldn't that be sweet to see happen?

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