Brannen Greene on Kentucky, practices and an injured PG

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Tyson Ailshie 5 years, 6 months ago

No one understands why you set a screen?? My goodness. It's no wonder they can't run an offense right now. Talk about a long way to go. That's an understatement. Are we going to be ready to run an offense by March? Forget March, how 'bout before Big 12 conference play? Geez.

Sam Burns 5 years, 6 months ago

I think he was talking about why you set a screen in each situation . Screening so the player can get the open shot, or the pick and roll, or forcing the defense to adjust thereby freeing another player, or giving the player a chance to get better position, or of course the alley-oop, etc. There are so many reasons for the screen, and they need to know why they are screening each time and what happens each time if you miss your screen. Don't try to make him look bad by only considering the obvious........But I would like to know what is happening with him and coach that is making him so afraid to shoot the ball.

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