houdiniofhoops 6 years, 7 months ago

Out Played...Out Coached! Bill Self is now the proud owner of one of the biggest chokes in NCAA Tourney history. Bill talked about being up 12 with 3:20 left in regulation - Coach you were up 8 with 1:22 left!!! I know you can't play for the players, like Johnson's back to back TO's inside 2:34 left in regulation (and one in OT) or Whitney's disappearing act in the 2nd half not to mention Whitney getting his butt kicked all night long (especially 2nd half) by FRESHMAN Mitch McGary. McGary 25 pts & 14 reb to Whitney's 12 pts & 8 reb. In the 2nd half & OT McGary 14 pts & 8 reb to Whitney's 4 pts & 2 reb.

Bill - Michigan's Burke just kicked your butt in the 2nd half, Freshman McGary kicked your butt for the entire game! You & your staff just couldn't figure it out!!! At the end of regulation with 4.3 sec left & a referee timeout - did you really call for Tharp to dibble down & jack up a 3 pointer? Tharp was the only Kansas player shooting less than 50% (when he took this shot Tharp was only 1 for 6 for the game-THAT'S NOT EVEN 17%). Why didn't Tharp take it all the way to the basket for a score or possible foul? Bill - do you remember the 1995 NCAA Tourney when Tyus Edney dibbled the length of the court & had the game wining layup vs. Missouri with only 4.1 sec left ??? Then at the end of OT, Tharp bricks another 3 pointer! I realize the play wasn't ran for him. When McLemore's man stayed with him, there should have been an alternate man to pass the ball to - not out to almost half court for Tharp to dibble in to brick another 3 pointer. What was Whitney doing? He was in NO MAN'S LAND on this last play. He should've been involved somehow. Bill - you need to watch a little NBA & see how those teams handle a last possesion with 9.3 sec left!

Michigan did not win this game...Kansas lost this game!

ezpz2ez 6 years, 7 months ago

Obviously EJ's low blow foul early on was should have been a Flagrant #2...with his .ejection. At the least, Bill should have benched him for the entire game. We don't need thugs and gangsta's wearing a KU jersey! I agree with others, that EJ's game for the rest of the contest cost us the game...and Bill kept resurrecting him from the bench and putting him back in...time after time...disgusting. We owned that game for 38 1/2 minutes and then with only seconds left Bill gave the ball...our entire the one player whom had made nothing but bad decisions the entire game.! I blame Bill just as much as anyone...never thought I would say it...but...we deserved to lose that one.

prusso25 6 years, 7 months ago

Look, this is the same guy that scored 39 points and single handedly destroyed Iowa State in the second half in Aimes. Self was right to give it to his SENIOR. and Tharpe taking the last shot worked pretty well at Oklahoma State when he won it in the final seconds. Michigan was a top 5 team all season and played like it. Look forward to next season.

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