KU coach Bill Self talks after loss to Oklahoma State

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JS82 7 years, 9 months ago

Totally agree! Why is he in at the end when he has been terrible the whole game. Just because he is a senior doesn't mean he deserves playing time.

Sparko 7 years, 9 months ago

TRel was the biggest factor today. He was MIA; needed a few more shots from him to win today.

JayhawkRock78 7 years, 9 months ago

Agreed. Sit EJ. We were up four and he became an even bigger liability and the end of the game in crunch time.

Michael Potter 7 years, 9 months ago

I think EJ needs to sit a little more, but the alternative isn't totally the answer. Tharpe doesn't seem to be able to do anything good until half of the second half is gone. HCBS just needs to get into their butts and drive home some discipline because our guards sure don't have any.

Eric Williams 7 years, 9 months ago

Tharpe hit several key 3's that kept us in the game.

Eric Williams 7 years, 9 months ago

went to the game...Elijah's shot had no rotation most of the time. Almost like he was trying to put the ball in the basket instead of shooting the ball.

KJD 7 years, 9 months ago

These first initial Comments are well replied to in the Post-Game interview by Coach Self. Self breaks it down in the recording with several observations about this team.

A big emphasis should be a lack of a true point guard on the team with our point guard rotation filled by two guys who have better skills for the 2 guard position. He brings in Adams and Doyle in the last recruiting class to try to add depth at the spot with Doyle already gone. We have two 6'0" points in this next class with Frankamp and Mason with Mason looking like the only true point in the bunch. We are going to want to have Frankamp tlook for his shot when he gets here because he can fill it up yet Collins was pretty good at playing the point and being a scorer. Self keeps saying that Tharpe is best at shooting, he can drive to score and has dished fairly well recently showing nifty passes around the rim, though the coach has consistently talked about Naadir like he is an undersized 2. Adams emerging as true point next year would be fantastic yet that still may be more hope than reality at this point since Rio has said he spends a lot of time in practice D'ing up the starters.

@claycountyjayhawk @JayhawkRock78 : Don't be silly.

@Sparko: When you look at the box score and Travis only took 5 shots while Elijah put up 14, your comment has a lot of weight. Self says in this recording that Releford is better when a point guard can create for him and observes that Oklahoma State is stronger than KU plus they are just as athletic. Travis can get to the basket really well in the open court or with space in the half court though I don't remember him passing up too many open looks nor did it seem like KU as a team was able to dribble drive against the Cowboys too well. Travis did go 2-2 from beyond the arc. Self also said he thought he should probably get White III in the game more often too. Maybe we'll see if the offense works more to get those two some more open looks for 3's.

@utahjayhawk: Those two EJ TO's with KU up 4 just under 5 = painful and Okie State momentum/confidence.

jgkojak 7 years, 9 months ago

Wanna bet Tharpe starts @TCU and Rio gets into the game before EJ?

Mike Barnhart 7 years, 9 months ago

Bet against that happening? Yes! How much?

Mark Soeken 7 years, 9 months ago

The ball can't be that hard to hold on to! Skills like ball handling should be second nature at this point! Hope the team can step up and play a complete game from now on. Move on from this loss and win the rest. RockChalk.

JayhawkGuy1978 7 years, 9 months ago

Jesus.... Cut the kid a break. Its one bad game. Give him a chance to shake it off and learn from it. Fans have such short memories.... Elijah "Jayhawk for Life" Johnson deserves some loyalty in return.

Curtis Stutz 7 years, 9 months ago

Amen, I don't know if folks remember the play EJ put together in this little tournament called the NCAAs last year, but he's a baller. Self is being harsh with him because he thinks EJ can take it and gain from it. As Sparko said, if TRele would make things happen a little more often and take a little pressure off EJ they'd both have better games. I think HCBS knows EJ needs to succeed as a PG for this team to win it all and for EJ to have a great shot at playing in the NBA, both things he cares about. It's tough when your shot won't fall, EJ has had a terrible time shooting it. He just needs a decent shooting game to get off the snide and his all-around game will improve. TCU looks like a great opportunity to get back on track.

Edwin Hailey 7 years, 9 months ago

Hold on now, one bad game? Elijah hasnt had a good game since the start of conference play, it is so true when Bill said we have been living on borrowed time. EJ has been averaging 3 assists along with almost 4 turnovers a game since the start of conference play... thats 8 bad games.

Glen Miller 7 years, 9 months ago

This is not just one bad game. This is turning into an every game thing. EJ looks like he's about to pee down his leg half the time running the offense. He's scared, he's timid and he has no confidence whatsoever. I keep hoping it will change....

Joseph Bullock 7 years, 9 months ago

Coach Self is extremely loyal to the players he has gained trust in, so the thought of him not starting EJ is questionable. That being said, his comment in the post game interview about them being better with EJ on the bench shows me just how frustrated he is with him. Maybe he starts Tharpe to take some pressure off of EJ, but that does not mean EJ can't get his starting spot back, if, and when, he shows he can make better decisions. I don't think Rio comes into the game before EJ, because coach does not want to have EJ lose all of his confidence, but I definitely think Rio should play a lot more than he does. He isn't going to really get better, or show what he can do (or what he can't do), unless he is given a chance, and without having to look over his shoulder if he makes a mistake! I like EJ, and he has done so much for the program in his time here, but I think he often lets the other teams point guard get in his head, as it seems he often tries to prove a point, right after the other point guard scores, trying to score right back on him. One thing I am very surprised about, is the lack of our coaching staff to secure a big time point guard the last few years, It is not for their lack of trying, but so many have chosen to go elsewhere. I really don't understand that, when you consider how many great guards have done so well at K.U.: Russell, Mario, Sheron, Ty! By the way, the biggest problem with Tharpe, who I happen to really like, is his lack of size and strength, and his defense is very suspect, but he is by far, our best penetrator and passer off the dribble drive. Travis is simply way too unselfish, but remember, he is always expending so much energy on the defensive end of the floor. I really think our coaching staff needs to take another look at the unsigned point guards in next years class, and go after a couple of them, even if we are not on their list of prospective schools!!! I mean, Landon Lucus was a last minute steal! I'm wondering if coach has considered removing his red shirt status? He is very strong and physical, but it would be tough, given all the time he has already missed, and probably would not be the smartest thing to do, but he is definitely physical. Another big loss from a physical standpoint, was the kid who left school due to the concussions he had playing football his senior year, and that he had at K.U. Oh, and one other thing. If you can't box out and get a friggin defensive rebound, you don't deserve to win. And a lot of those offensive rebounds they got, were not what people think. It is not always the fault of the guy guarding who gets the offensive rebound. Many times, it is a help situation, where someone does not rotate!

Joseph Bullock 7 years, 9 months ago

PS: ball handling skills are not second nature, if you have not ever been a point guard. there is a big, big, difference in being the guy who is set up for shots, from being the facilitator. And as far as it only being one game, that is far from reality. EJ has struggle all year, with the transition to being our point guard. he does ok sometimes, but against really good defensive guards, he has really struggled (West Virginia is just one example). A true point guard has to get the team into a good offensive flow, and he has to disrupt the offensive flow of the other teams point guard. Tharpe is great at that, as long as he is not going against a big point guard. Let's just sit back and see what the coaching staff decides to do. Heck, knowing EJ, he might say coach, sit me for a while, until i get things straightened out. Let's not give up on someone who has done so much for our program. He has been put is a tough situation, because of our failed recruiting. There is still a lot of ball to be played, and I have absolutely "NO DOUBT" that we will get things fixed for the better.

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