JakeBarnes 7 years, 4 months ago

I haven't watched KU for the last three years, after Mangino was fired, but I thought KU did pretty good against Rice. I know Rice isn't a football power, but neither is KU. This performance seemed to me a harbinger for a much better future for Kansas football. If he stays I look forward to a bright, competitive team in the Big 12.

Two problems beyond Weis not having time to recruit as well as he will is that Crist isn't a mobile quarterback, to put it mildly, and very few plays included misdirection. Opponents know he isn't going to run with the ball so his fakes are always fakes. The pro-set is OK if you have a superior quarterback and outstanding receivers. KU doesn't. Most college teams have quarterbacks who can pass and run. If you have a QB like Crist you need some deception in your plays. Linemen, who can't overpower the opposition with sheer strength, need help to block effectively. Misdirect makes that possible.

It would help if the kicker could make a field goal from the 30. Also play calling was unusual at time. If you can run effectively why interrupt your game by passing as KU did after the first drive of the third quarter?

I think KU graded out as C+ or B- at most positions. They looked more like a Mangino team.

yates33333 7 years, 4 months ago

I'm not football fan, but I did watch this game on TV. I think what this guy has to say is something that Coach Weis ought to think about. Too bad he probably doesn't read this blog.

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