KU coach Charlie Weis talks after 56-16 loss to Kansas State

Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews

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Seth Nesmith 7 years ago

Get'em Charlie!!!! Clean house and bring in a winning mentality! Enough is enough!

Brandon Pope 7 years ago

I still have my faith in the staff renewed when I hear the man speak. Unlike last year, he knows what the problems are and what he has to do to fix them. Last year the post game pressers left me wondering if the coach even watched the game. This is just going to be a long and painful process but I think the right guys are here to do it.

The problem with a sinking ship is it doesn't slow down all at once with a new captain. Darn you inertia.

NOTcrusher 7 years ago

Uh oh uh oh . . . falling in a hole, falling in a hole . . .

Cora Smith 7 years ago

Crist appears afraid to take any licks. Won't stand in there to throw the ball.

Seth Nesmith 7 years ago

I disagree with that. He stands there, either too long or inaccurate throw.

Ashwin Rao 7 years ago

We are in the same situation as last two years, but the interviews are much more informative, and comforting to the fans... Last two years the only thing we heard from Coach Gill was "bad execution"...

PurpleHaze9506 7 years ago

He surely can't look at what happened today as a recruiting coup...

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