KU coach Bill Self talks after win over Oregon State

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smithy 6 years, 11 months ago

I am extremely disappointed in the play of our guards, heck the whole team. This team, though we thought Coach Self was recruiting guys who were elite athletes who could not only defend, but score the ball and most especially, score from beyond the arc . My gosh, why does every team we play have a 3-point shooter who seems to seldom miss and we shoot and pray, with our prayers seldom answered. We are absolutely over ranked and not deserving of a 10th ranking. Perhaps we might rank in the top twenty but I simply do not see it. I have faith in Coach Self but as of this time in the season, he talks a lot but is not getting results. And, we have not played a truly good team yet. There are going to be some ugly loses this where we not only lose but are thoroughly beaten and perhaps that will be the starting point for this team. Maybe we need to get the hell beat out of us for these "elite" recruits realize what it takes to wear the KU uniform and raise their level of play to somewhere level with the talk that came with their signings.

Christopher Giordano 6 years, 11 months ago

Your frustration is valid. This team is a completely new team with a lot of new parts. You have to remember that there is no better Coach in America at making his team better over the Christmas Break than Coach Self. I can remember after the Davidson loss last year a lot of people felt the sky was falling.
Be patient, they have played 7 games. There are a lot of teams finding their way right now. We are a long ways away from March.

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