adhawk 6 years, 12 months ago

Let me get the obligatory stuff out of the way first. Wow, what a great game. If you love college basketball you love this game. MSU feeling down after a tough lost against UConn in Germany fought hard to win against the higher rated Jayhawks. Underdog prevails. Now, the truth. MSU is the far more talented team and KU is way overrated. KU is soft in the middle and has inferior guard play, both offensively and defensively. And for one game (one game only), Self was out coached by Izzo. No excuses – freshman played OK (except Ellis) and the seniors played their best game all year. But, without tough aggressive play in the middle, piss poor guard play and no true leadership (man I miss Tyshawn), it will be a tough year. But I’m a true Jayhawk through and through. I expect them to turn it around. I project a 20 win season, 3rd place finish in the Big 12 and a nice 8th place seed in the NCAA tourney. Help me in my quest to help the Hawks over achieve.

Jeremy Wilhelm 6 years, 12 months ago

Under promise and over deliver seems to be your approach. Your expectations a re FAR too low for this team. There is too much talent to expect anything less than another big 12 championship and 30 win season. Yes, they need to figure out a few things, particularly going strong to the hoop, but that is what non-conference time is for. This is all my opinion obviously, but let's just say I hope I am right and your assessment is wrong :-)

milehighhawk 6 years, 12 months ago

Take a deep breath. It was a close game and MSU is good.

Remember the Davidson game last year?

You miss Tyshawn? Were you saying that last year during the non conference portion of the schedule?

Third place in the B12 and an 8 seed? Surely you jest.

Layne Pierce 6 years, 12 months ago

I see no reason to write this team off. They have a very high growth curve, and coach Self will get them there. If I was Michigan State, I would be worried. Playing a bunch of kids to a great extent, they hardly looked overwhelming. The goal of the pre-conference is to establish credibility for the tournament, and to get ready for the conf. We can still do that. Remember Kentucky last year. We looked terrible, this was much better. As the young kids mature, and learn to play better defense. Michigan State shot over 50%, then you will be amazed at how good we are.

Kyle Sybesma 6 years, 12 months ago

The sky's not falling. Bill Self is the best guy to handle this team. I thought we looked good. We just need to close it out. I'm optimistic about this team.

Calipari gets so much credit for developing new players year after year but Self does it year after year too with less hyped talent.

Michael Luby 6 years, 12 months ago

No way, Coach Self will get these guys primed and ready to go. They are young and deep and Coach will have them very close if not over 30 wins.

djkhan88 6 years, 12 months ago

Adhawk this is stupidest comment ever....for u to say our guards are inferior when elijah and nadir played well your crazy. Mclemore is going to develop n2 a premeir guard in country as well and the team plays good unselfish basketball. This team will go deep in tournament and is goof enough to beat anybody in country. Your not a true fan

chalkitup1811 6 years, 12 months ago

ADhawk : Are you kidding me? 8 seed ? Obviously you haven't been watching kansas basketball for the past 10 years while self has been the coach.(8 straight) This team is just starting. Self will have them playing better down the stretch in no time! Not to mention our defense is only gonna get better as the year goes on. Self is a defensive mastermind! sometimes you fall short when you play well ex. duke game last year. that was our game to lose and we lost it just like this michigan state game. We'll bounce back and become a better team because of the game. Rock Chalk Jayhawk Baby

torinmia 6 years, 12 months ago

I think we're losing a bit of perspective here. We should remain thankful that our team plays so well year after year despite our roster changing significantly nearly yearly. The truth is there are other teams out there who would kill to have an 8 ranking in the NCAA tourney. There will be a time when we don't win the Big 12 tournament or get a lower seed in the tournament. That may be this year, it may not. But we should enjoy the ride and take pride in our 'Hawks rather than suggest failure if they're not perfect. Just my two cents.

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