gardenjay 7 years, 10 months ago

I just read ESPN's coverage of the Duke vs Michigan and KU vs UCLA games. I must say, it's easy to see the east coast bias in sports coverage of B-ball, just the same disrespect one comes to expect, e.g. in the NCAA tournament brackets. Per these articles, Michigan is within 5 points and closer overall in hanging with Duke, but even though UCLA got no closer than 5 points with KU, it's like Kansas was lucky to beat UCLA. But 'Of Course' Duke beat Michigan, the writers seem to say, and they seem to have an 'unbeatable' backcourt, and are the 'undisputed kings of Maui'. Might as well give up now.

Ugh. Duke seems to have a priveleged aspect and entourage that makes me glad I went to KU. Beak 'em hawks!!!!!

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