jayhawkox 15 years, 10 months ago

It seems clear that the 'Hawks improve exponentially with each new test...they'll be a team that nobody wants to face come March: tons of talent that's too young to know to be scared...

KevinPavey 15 years, 10 months ago

I've noticed that some in the media refer to Wright as a forward (for example, Bedore's Sunday article 'Wright right from the start for KU) and others refer to him as a guard (e.g. the caption on Nick Krug's photos). With all of his rebounding and scoring in the paint, the same might be said for Rush also. Rush brings the aggressive around the basket that Giddens didn't have. Perhaps the line between the paint and perimeter players is blurring! Or is the manner in which Coach Self is using Wright so unique that we can't decide which position he is playing? Either way, I love his energy and ability to make things happen. I suspect that when we play opponents with big interior players (e.g. Texas and OU) Wright may have trouble defending them and may not start or play as much...

Kevin Pavey Peoria, AZ

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