Over/Under Week 3 - KU football at Boston College

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Dane Pratt 8 months, 3 weeks ago

O/U 51 - over BC will cover the spread

Dane Pratt 8 months, 2 weeks ago

At least I got the over right. Thrilled to be wrong on the spread.

Ray Winger 8 months, 3 weeks ago

1) What is the music at the intro of your podcast? It is very catching.

2) When asked about a big upset, during his tenure, Mangino just commented: "Now Everyone has a Weight Room!" meaning everyone gets bigger, stronger, faster in the off season. Remember Appalachian State vs Michigan.

3) Do you not remember when Charlie Weis berated his own team, and was unsupportive of them and drove many away? In my opinion, Coach Miles is doing the best thing, by being supportive and positive by his players. The brain works about 30% better when in a happy mood. Look at the hitting coaches for the KC Royals, they always say that the player will get better with 'working thru it', even though they may be struggling to be at the 'Mendoza Line'.

4) I really love Shane Jackson's input, his ideas are very new and refreshing.

Matt Tait 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Sorry I missed this, Ray. Hope you get to see the reply and thanks for listening...

The song at the intro is a song my dad (also Ray) wrote called "I'm Alright" He's been a musician my whole life and has a bunch of his songs up on his website, if you're interested in hearing/seeing more. He'll be pumped you asked and he thought it was pretty cool that I used it for the podcast.

And I'm glad you're enjoying Shane. He's doing a great job, has a bright future and has added a lot to our football coverage. He's a football guy at his core and has a lot of fun with it!

Thanks again for the feedback!

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