Full speed ahead into KU basketball's off-season

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Dave Miller 2 years, 1 month ago

After having a few days to think about Langford's decision, I think it may be looked at, by the time next season is ready to begin, as addition by subtraction. But this depends on Coach Self picking up that spot up 3 shooter. It would be great to have an "assassin" to plug in and say "We're gonna run a set of plays for you, so get us 3 quick long ones..."

I hope Udoka comes back next season. I'm tired of watching the 4 guard line up. I wanna see some high-low, some in and out... I know that sounds selfish, but I grew up watching KU ball since grade school (I'm in my mid 60's now) and all the great big men that KU was known for.

Layne Pierce 2 years, 1 month ago

Fact is, Coach Self uses what he has to work with. Imagine that Ayton had come to KU as was long predicted. For sure we would have done some 2 bigs lineups, but that didn't happen, and for much of season, we had only 1 real big man.

Of course next year, will be something different. Lot of competition for playing time. If four guards are the best line up, then 4 guards, but seriously that is hard to see.


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