Was Iowa State David Beaty's worst loss?

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Scott Morgan 10 months ago

The game was closer than the end score. More like a 39-0 loss.

Layne Pierce 10 months ago

It was the worst loss from the standpoint of competitiveness, because Iowa State is our peer in football, they and to a mild extent KState. If we can't even make it close with them, who can we compete with?

We've been beaten a lot worse, but this one really hurt.

John Fitzgerald 10 months ago

This season as a whole is the worst loss. Zero rogress with a slight dash of regression.

Mark Kostner 10 months ago

This loss did destroy my confidence in KU's program yet again. If they lose to Baylor it will be dead. I don't watch the Nayhawks and like everyone else just quietly wait for Bill Self and the real Jayhawks to arrive. If KU expects the alums to cough up $350M to rebuild the football graveyard called Memorial Stadium, they better get someone who led a successful program. Paying a failed coach and his failed predicessors needs to stop. Short of divine intervention the Big 12 is living on borrowed time. If KU wants to be in a good conference it needs a competent football program.

Austin Bergstrom 10 months ago

A few weeks ago on college gameday, the panel asked if Baylor would win a game this year and all of them immediately piped in that they would beat Kansas. It's not a secret. We are the worst football team in D1. No chance of beating Baylor or anyone else for that matter this season.

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