Nice Cafe


Closed in February, 2010. See our related story.

For the veggie-lovin' hordes in this town, Nice may be the best thing to come along since-well, let's see... since Herbivores closed way back when Sunflower burned. Far as we can remember, it's been just that long-a decade-since Lawrence has had an all-vegetarian joint. This one was worth the wait. Located in the old Lulu's basement in the back of the The Casbah Market (opened late 2007), Nice offers over a dozen delicious dishes-most of which are organic, and all of which are priced enticingly right. At $3, the rice and peas may well be the best miserly meal in town. Many fresh juices, salads, and "patties" of veggie combinations make the menu of Rastafarian-inspired cuisine surprisingly diverse.

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