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Big, bad Bears offense latest test for Jayhawks

Getting ready for another record-setting, scoreboard-rocking Big 12 offense has become an every-week sort of thing for the Kansas University football program. This week, as the Jayhawks prepare for a road contest at Baylor, the song remains the same. Story by Matt Tait.

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Jayhawks focused on fixing passing attack

Kansas University senior Daymond Patterson didn’t hide his frustration when asked how he would grade KU’s receivers through two games this season.

Dayne Crist not the only playmaker in KU's offense

It sometimes seems as if the moment a college football coach signs a contract to head a program he then moves to the next chair and has injected into his DNA a gene that makes him poor-mouth the talent he inherits.

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Daymond Patterson is making up for lost time

When Kansas University wide receiver Daymond Patterson first realized that the groin injury he suffered early in the 2011 season opener would keep him out for an extended period of time, his thoughts quickly shifted to 2012.

Receiver Daymond Patterson’s height not an issue for KU

Everybody knows a Napoleonic Complex guy or 10. Short man whose height defines him, colors his soul dark and desperate, poisons his spirit with malevolence and generally makes him act in a way that constantly calls attention to his shortcomings. Meet the anti-Napoleon, Kansas University junior receiver Daymond Patterson, who fills a room with positive vibes and never gives the impression he feels the slightest bit of regret about his height.

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Two-way threat?

Daymond Patterson might get a shot at receiver again, but first he has to prove he can be a lock-down cornerback.

Patterson adapts to change

Freshman receiver-turned-cornerback might be part of a trend

Two weeks ago, when Kansas University defensive coordinator Clint Bowen tracked down true freshman receiver Daymond Patterson and told him about this idea he had - namely, to move the 5-foot-9, 175-pound speedster to cornerback in mid-season - Patterson wasn't exactly expecting it.

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Numbers don't lie

Speedy Patterson can catch, too

Watching Daymond Patterson run with a football calls to mind watching Tom Seaver firing fastballs for the '69 Mets. Under normal circumstances, Seaver had an overpowering fastball. Put a runner in scoring position and two strikes on the batter, and Seaver reached back for more. Under normal circumstances, Patterson is the fastest player on the football field. Then when he needs a little extra, he kicks it up a notch.

Keegan: Texas twosome awesome

It's tough to say whether the Kansas University football team has the muscle up front to get the better of the behemoths from Oklahoma and Texas, but nobody can question the Jayhawks have the skill players to hang with anybody, any night in any stadium. Never mind that Florida International was the competition in Saturday night's season-opener witnessed by a Memorial Stadium-record 52,112 fans.

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Off on the right foot

KU counting on freshman WR/returner

A few weeks back, during the Kansas University football team's annual media day, Daymond Patterson was not sure what his immediate future would entail. A true freshman competing in his first college training camp, Patterson was in the process of making the sometimes-smooth, sometimes-bumpy transition from high school to Div. I football, and despite whispers that he stood the best chance to forgo a red-shirt season, he stopped short of saying he'd prefer to play right away.