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Tom Keegan: Coaching search thoughts and a farewell to Lawrence

You know you can’t run or jump or withstand contact the way the athletes you cover do, which brings us to why coaching searches are such a blast to follow: You very often are convinced that you can do a better job with those than the people conducting them. Too often, you are right.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas primed to upset Kansas State

Three weeks ago, when Kansas State was enjoying its bye week, coming off of a 31-12 blasting of Oklahoma State and Kansas was getting torched by Texas Tech, 48-16, it didn’t occur to me that the dully named Sunflower Showdown could amount to much this season.

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Tom Keegan: How old is Les Miles? Who cares?

Free agent football coach Les Miles’ age seems to be a concern for some who wonder if it’s a reason for Kansas to pass on hiring him.

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Tom Keegan: Pick your favorite next KU football coach from this list of 17 names

Jeff Long held a very candid press conference Sunday night in the wake of the announcement that David Beaty would coach the final three games of the season for Kansas and won’t be retained.

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Tom Keegan: Beaty's failure to execute his own blueprint led to demise

So nervous at his introductory press conference that he twice said “Texas” when he meant “Kansas,” David Beaty still was able to articulate his plan for rescuing a football program flailing in quicksand. He could not execute his blueprint because he so quickly abandoned it. In three games shy of four seasons on the job, he didn’t move the program forward an inch and has a 6-39 record. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Coaching change would energize fanbase

The sun eventually popped out of the clouds Saturday at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, but the outlook for Kansas football remained the same: indefinitely gloomy. The final scoreboard read Iowa State 27, Kansas 3. The color scheme in the stands and the loudest roars from the crowd painted an even more damning view of the state of the program. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: KU forward Dedric Lawson already looks like a pro

Dedric Lawson easily could have passed for an NBA veteran Tuesday night, stopping by his perennial powerhouse school, giving teenagers the thrill of running with them as he treats them as equals.

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Tom Keegan: Even Bill Self wonders what preseason No. 1 really means

Kansas carries college basketball’s No. 1 preseason ranking into Tuesday night’s season-opener vs. No. 10 Michigan State in Indianapolis, and its 16th-year head coach posed an interesting question about the ranking.

Tom Keegan: Snappy Wirtel family on both sidelines and in stands Saturday

The better the long snapper, the less likely anybody is to recognize his name.

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Tom Keegan: Udoka's time will come, just not Thursday

The day before Kansas played Emporia State at Allen Fieldhouse in the exhibition opener, coach Bill Self spoke in interesting fashion about the contrasting styles of his two tallest starters, Udoka Azubuike and Dedric Lawson.

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Tom Keegan: Gap between KU and K-State narrowing in two sports

Kansas has the better basketball program, Kansas State the superior football team. It’s been that way nearly every year for more than a quarter of a century.

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Tom Keegan: Jury rules Adidas defrauds KU, strangely happy news for 'victims'

Kansas City, Mo. — Adidas, apparel partner of the University of Kansas athletic department, was found guilty of defrauding the university, and it was the best news the nation’s No. 1-ranked college basketball program had heard in months.

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Tom Keegan: Daylon Charlot finally put on stage

The euphoria of the Kansas football fan base when David Beaty landed a pair of Alabama transfers reached offseason levels that it hadn’t experienced since Charlie Weis’ rapid-fire announcements of a pair of five-star quarterbacks transferring to KU.

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Tom Keegan: Even No. 1 preseason ranking can't lift cloud hovering over KU basketball

News broke Monday that Kansas earned the distinction as preseason No. 1 in the Associated Press men's college basketball poll.

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Tom Keegan: Why does Carter Stanley keep drawing the short stick?

If you found watching Kansas football on television even more excruciating than usual Saturday, consider how lucky you were compared to redshirt junior quarterback Carter Stanley.