Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Quick recap: No. 3 Kansas rolls to easy win over Kansas State, but Sunflower Showdown ends in brawl

Kansas guard Christian Braun (2) goes baseline against Kansas State forward Xavier Sneed (20) during the first half, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas guard Christian Braun (2) goes baseline against Kansas State forward Xavier Sneed (20) during the first half, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020 at Allen Fieldhouse.


No. 3 Kansas claimed the first installment of the Sunflower Showdown. And it wasn’t particularly close.

One year after K-State helped end KU’s streak of Big 12 regular season titles, the Jayhawks overwhelmed their in-state rival from start to finish. A decisive run in the first half was all Kansas would need en route to a 81-60 win over Kansas State on Tuesday in Allen Fieldhouse.

The Jayhawks (15-3, 5-1 Big 12) have now won 14 consecutive home meetings against the Wildcats. Kansas leads the overall series with Kansas State, 198-94, including 91-35 record in games played in Lawrence.

There was even some local flavor in KU’s latest win against K-State (8-10, 1-5 Big 12) on Tuesday. Freshman Christian Braun, who is originally from Burlington, Kansas and was recruited by KSU, drilled a career-best six 3-pointers. He led the Jayhawks with 20 points on 7-of-15 shooting.

Sophomore point guard Devon Dotson (18 points) and senior center Udoka Azubuike (10 points) joined Braun in double figures in the win. Kansas State, which scored 84 points in a win over West Virginia this past weekend, was held to just 56 points in the loss to Kansas.

Then, this happened in the final seconds of the contest.

None by Kyle Boone

Here was another angle:

None by Riley Gates

Here’s a quick look back at some of the action:

• The game turned when: The Jayhawks took over after a sloppy start.

A few turnovers allowed both KU and K-State to be tied, 7-7, at the first media timeout. After that, the Jayhawks asserted their dominance. They played elite defense in half-court situations, and it often led to easy buckets in transition.

At the same time, Kansas attempted more shots from deep on the offensive end due to K-State’s emphasis on guarding the paint. It all culminated in a 19-2 run over a five-minute stretch to give Kansas a 26-9 advantage by the 10:30 mark in the first half.

The Wildcats, who have not won multiple games in a row since November, never really had a shot after that.

• Offensive highlight: Freshman Christian Braun was a key producer early on for Kansas.

During KU’s decisive run in the first half, the Blue Valley Northwest product drained a trio of 3-pointers for the hosts. It was enough to match his previous career-high in 3-pointers, which Braun has done in three other games. He then hit three more triples in the second half for good measure.

Braun’s early success from deep helped the Jayhawks break the game open, and they were more comfortable taking such shots the rest of the night.

None by Sully Engels

• Defensive highlight: Entering Tuesday's Sunflower Showdown, Kansas was ranked No. 1 in adjusted defensive efficiency on KenPom.

That was evident from the jump, as the Jayhawks were smothering the opposition in half-court sets. Kansas State didn’t reach double-digits until there was 8:09 left in the first half, though the score was well out of reach by then.

KU’s guards took advantage of some turnovers on the perimeter by turning those mistakes into easy points on the other end. On this particular play, sophomore Ochai Agbaji was in the right place at the right time for the putback after Devon Doston’s initial steal.

None by Tyler Greever

• Up next: Kansas will play host to Tennessee on Saturday.


Brian Mellor 12 months ago

Man, Silvio, just walk away after that block. Flex if you want. You won that exchange. Then you blew it, and you’re gonna be out a few games. Sigh.

Steve Zimmerman 12 months ago

Silvio should've learnt a few tricks from Grayson..

Craig Alexander 12 months ago

Yeah I dont see his he doesn't get kicked off. At minimum 5 games.

Jesse Trombla 12 months ago

Id really like to know who the K state player in the polo who swung at silvio was. I agree silvio shouldnt have stood over him and flexed, but who the hell not wearing a jersey can swing at our player? That was just ugly

Adam Bengtson 12 months ago

Does anybody have the play by play on what happen? As far as why the k state guy in street clothes came out? I’m confused to be honest.

Cary Ronan 12 months ago

De Sousa needs to go. What an embarrassing time to be a KU fan.

Barry Weiss 12 months ago

The k-state player in the polo shirt is one of their players who was "injured" so much I guess that he came flying in and throwing the first punches that started this whole thing. Typical K-state behavior. Stealing the ball with 6 seconds left and down 20 plus. Granted, Silvio should not have stood over him, but that was not the start of punches thrown. Hope DMac does not get suspended too, he was in the middle of it. Even Marcus. Damn.

Martin Rosenblum 12 months ago

Take the red shirt off of Mitch and replace Silvio with him!

David McNickle 12 months ago

So let Mitch finish career playing half the conference games? If it was your senior season, would you go out like this? Everyone's yelling for a 4 guard offense. Perfect opportunity for it. Silvio probably won't suit up for 3 games minimum, and I could see McCormick sitting a game. Whatever happens, I don't see Silvio playing any minutes the rest of the year. I'm sure two years of frustration came out last night for Silvio and I feel bad this happened.

Stuart Corder 12 months ago

I bet that KState player will get flashbacks next time he attempts an easy layup. I hope he’s okay. Did you see Silvio go check on him afterwards? Classy.

All kidding aside, Silvio De Sousa blocked a cheap, frivolous KState layup at the end of the game. It was great!

He then stands over the player. Again - this is at the very end of a home rivalry game. Fans would certainly find it in their hearts to forgive Silvio of that technical.

...but then an unsuited KState player immediately leaves the bench and is swiftly followed by his purple brethren.

It was KState that stole the ball and attempted a cheap end-game-rivalry basket.

It was KState’s bench that cleared first.

It was KState’s unsuited player that threw pushes and punches first.

It should be KState that bears the burden of responsibility for instigating this embarrassment.

It should be that unsuited KState player, if anybody, than gets kicked off a team.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

Doug Roberts 12 months ago

I agree with all of this. But unfortunately, Silvio picked up that stupid chair, and that's all the media wants to remember. That fight doesn't happen if K-State just takes the L like teams do all the time in a blowout.

This fight also doesn't happen if K-State's bench doesn't clear immediately after the play. The media will make this all about KU, but K-State should have just as many suspensions as KU. If not more.

Stuart Corder 12 months ago

...and to clarify, I’m not justifying Silvio - or anybody’s - behavior during the brawl. We should be better than this.

Allin Herring 12 months ago

DeSousa is the player that may cause NCAA penalties, has played like crap all year, should never have thrown a punch (I know he did not throw the first one), and picked up a chair in the brawl. How much more bad situations does this guy need to bring to the progeam??? The NCAA is going to just love,this. They did not want him to play this year and now this. Now am sure there will be people saying oh he needs another chance but for this he needs to be suspended for the rest of the year or maybe asked to play some where else. The way he has played it is not, like,we will really miss him. This is just another stain on the program that once was a Sterling example of a good college program. Mack may also loose some time as it looked to,me like he MAY have been stopping on someone? I am afraid this is really going to affect the program in a bad way. I hope not but it did not looked to good to me.

Ryan Mullen 12 months ago

Maybe if more brawls happened college basketball would be a better regular season sport. We are headlining ESPN right now. This is what is going to get fans to watch. Good job guys!

Ryan Mullen 12 months ago

Also if DeSousa gets suspended the Indiana Pacers will have a contract waiting for him.

Micky Baker 12 months ago

I think Silvio is probably done folks. Just walk away. Block the shot... walk away. Game over.

Matt Gauntt 12 months ago

It was completely classless by Silvio. The game is over. Yeah, you got a block, big deal. Standing over the guy and taunting is just classless.

That part and the fighting is one thing. Picking up the stool and thinking about using it like Myles Garrett did to Mason Rudolph? That is a whole new matter altogether.

He needs to first apologize to K-State and KU. Hell, I would make him walk to Manhattan in the cold and apologize in person just to make him think about what he did. Then suspension. At least 5 games.

I don't care what K-State did. Doesn't matter. We have to be better. As the phrase goes - act like you've been there before.

Steve Zimmerman 12 months ago

The block reminds me of TRob's ending Missery's last visit to AFH. But that left a sweet memory. This time, errr... it'll leave a bitter taste even though it's a great team effort & great win by KU.

Martin Rosenblum 12 months ago

The intent of picking up a chair should not be in question. Had he actually used the chair and made contact with anyone, that would be grounds for more than the NCAA or Big 12 to deal with, he would have a court date set tomorrow instead. This isn't Pro Wrestling, it's college basketball! Besides, if the KState player was hell-bent on making a layup, none of our guys should have tried to stop him. WE WON THE DAMN GAME! Who gives a crap about another two points for the losing team? How many times should these student-athletes embarrass their teams for the sake of poor sportsmanship? This will have wide reaching ramifications across D1 and other levels as coaches must prevent this from happening over and over.

Brett McCabe 12 months ago

Silvio did nothing wrong. Overreaction on the part of classless kstaters caused the problem. Give him a technical. Maybe a one-game suspension. Max. Glad to see McCormick stand up for his teammates and Marcus too. Take what the league gives you, let the rest of your team win some games while you are out and then put the hammer down in purple pussycatville.

Doug Roberts 12 months ago

I have absolutely no problem with DeSousa standing over that guy after the block. It was a total bush league move to steal the ball (from DeSousa) with 4 seconds left to get a cheap basket in a blowout. This is Allen Fieldhouse. You don't pull that crap here. The only problem I have is the chair, and unfortunately, that's all anyone will talk about.

Martin Rosenblum 12 months ago

Yeah, I hear you. But, if the refs allowed that, which is "taunting" and worthy of a technical, it would send a message that this sort of unsportsmanlike action is conditional and circumstantial. The chair, as I said, is just stupidity and didn't happen during the game. That will be handled separately with Silvio paying for it dearly.

Doug Roberts 12 months ago

I don't disagree at all. I'm fine with a technical. Yep, it's taunting. But I'm proud of him for standing up for KU on our home court.

Unfortunately, everybody in the media (so far) is portraying K-State players like innocent girl scouts. That's not what I saw.

Luke Smith 12 months ago

This is the second time this year someone has taken a cheap steal at the end of the game at home. Silvio wasn't going to have it happen again.

Standing over the guy says, you're not going to do that again in our house. It doesn't excuse KSU clearing their bench. That's what started it. Not Silvio standing over the guy. Taunting happens all of the time without a bench clearing.

And Love just made it worse going after Silvio.

Any of you who are saying Silvio is an embarrassment for defending our house is an embarrassment to Jayhawk fans.

He picked up a chair. Oh no, he picked up a chair. Love threw at least four punches at Silvio's face and threw Jeremy Case to the ground. Who cares about picking up a chair. And it wasn't a chair. It was a stool. That he dropped.

Without K-State clearing the bench, this is a simple technical and move on.

Bryce Landon 12 months ago

That was every bit as ugly as the Cincinnati-Xavier brawl back in December 2011. David McCormack and Silvio De Sousa shamed our program and the university with their behavior tonight. Not to say KSU was totally innocent because they instigated it by not letting us run out the clock, but we escalated it and made it 100 times worse.

Dane Pratt 12 months ago

From what I could determine after watching the replay over and over, a K-State player was the first to instigate contact and it looked to me like it was Sloan. He either jumped in the middle of it or was pushed into it. But Silvio definitely needs to be suspended.

Bee Bee 12 months ago

I wish K U football players were half as aggressive.

Stuart Corder 12 months ago

That’s right.

They’ll talk about how rowdy it is in Allen Fieldhouse. Talk about an entertaining place to watch college basketball - where even a blowout provides an exciting finish! Did you see that fan base cheer and defend their players? See how passionate the players are?

If I was a talented young athlete, I’d want to be a part of a rivalry like that with passionate fans and sold out crowds and be all over Twitter and ESPN.

“There only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” - Oscar Wilde

Adam Bengtson 12 months ago

Bryce dumb comment about embarrassing the program. 100 times worse...don’t exaggerate much.

Can we move on from the talking point of “embarrassment to the program”

What college program hasn’t been embarrassed by college age kids? Just move on. People have short memories.

Steven Haag 12 months ago

  1. K-State should have let us run the clock out. Bruce said in an interview that he told his players, “Don’t foul and don’t press”. He went on to say that he didn’t want to “take the fire out of their bellies and hearts”. Fair enough, although I steal think it’s a classless move.
  2. DeSousa is protecting Allen Field House. Don’t take the fire out of his belly either. Those that say, “let them have the dam$ layup” are wrong. They fight to the end, we fight to the end.
  3. Standing over the little child that you poster blocked was unnecessary. It would have been whistled for a technical if the kitty cats hadn’t been so quick to empty their bench
  4. Picking up the stool (even though he dropped it) does NOT look good on him or the program. That being said, the kitty cats were equally or even more at fault than us.
  5. Not sure if Silvio is gone after this or not. Hopefully McCormack doesn’t get penalized too severely

Adam Bengtson 12 months ago

DeSousa will be suspended 7-10 games McCormick will be suspended 1 or 3 games Big 12 will have some statement that makes seem like they are flexing their muscles.

Kansas State will have 0 to maybe 1 suspensions.

James Love will continue to be the “who the hell is that guy” in street clothes

Dane Pratt 12 months ago

The ball was stolen and the ball was blocked. Game over. Whoever threw the first punch, was the first player to shove another player should get penalized the most.

Allin Herring 12 months ago

Adam hey how about this was embarrassing to the program! Want me to say it again? Even Self said it was embarrassing. I can not believe you do not feel that way. To say it wasn't is dumb!

Steve Zimmerman 12 months ago

Sadly, that's the truth, and yep, McCormack is in deep sh*t too.

Bob Thompson 12 months ago

I really feel sorry for Silvio, I know what he did here, but just think of what he has had to go through for the last 2 years. Then the frustration of not playing well, then to have a player from K-State that was in street cloths jump him, not knowing what the hell was going on. I just feel he is a victim here. Almost all out of his control....

Dane Pratt 12 months ago

We didn't start the fire but we are the villains and will likely suffer the brunt of the punishment. Shoving and throwing punches is one thing but picking up a chair and stomping on a player on the ground looks bad.

Stuart Corder 12 months ago

Silvio picked up the chair, then dropped it. HE dropped it (it wasn’t taken from him), and he didn’t use it.

I contend that the KU players were defending themselves - Silvio was responding to literally being jumped by the KState bench. Period.

Repercussions should follow, and Silvio and McCormack should miss a couple of games - but a sober review of all the footage clearly shows KState instigating both the animosity (cheap play) and physical assaults (the KState bench swarmed Silvio, and apparently the game was not over).

Yes, Kansas Basketball athletes should be and are held to a higher standard, but the reality is that they are still 20-something college kids and one of their tribe was physically assaulted on their home court by an in-state rival in front of the home crowd. There IS an obligation to defend oneself.

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